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Career Questions tagged Fame

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 194 views

How do you know if you'll ever be a gymnastics star or have 1 million subscribers?

Hi! I'm Ms. Lambert at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!

#gymnastics #celebrity #fame

daphnned’s Avatar
daphnned Mar 13, 2020 348 views

what schools should I go to so I can get recognized in my acting career

I'm trynna be famous
#acting #fame #film-acting #actors

Devin’s Avatar
Devin May 01, 2019 303 views

How do I get famous on YouTube?

Hi my name is Devin and I need some tips on how to become youtube famous #fame

Mohanned’s Avatar
Mohanned Jul 08, 2017 728 views

I graduated high-school and I am confused which major should i enter

My high school GPA is high and throughout the year, I planned to go into engineering because of my grades in math and physics. But after I graduated, I found my interest in #moviesproduction, #Digitalanimation, #gameandInteractiveMediadesign, and all the subjects regarding #movies, #Media and...

yash ’s Avatar
yash Mar 11, 2016 1635 views

what is the first stage of becoming a professional badminton player

my goal is to become a badminton player at the age of 16 #career #money #fame

Terrence’s Avatar
Terrence Aug 03, 2015 1136 views

How do you become famous?

I would love to become like Christina Aguilera or P!nk. In this context, what is the best way to achieve this dream? #entertainment #singing #famous #celebrity #fame #christina-aguilera #perform