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A veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Some careers veterinarians may go into are opening up their business and caring for common house pets, working for farms to ensure food...

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What are some career fields in Rangeland Wildlife Managment that make good money and focus on being outside?

I love being outside and working with animals, currently i work and a game and parks recreation area with the horses and i love my job but would like to get paid better and to move around more and possibly work with more animals as well. Hunting and fishing is also a passion of mine. #salary...

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How is being a wildlife vet like?

Since I was young, I've always had an interest in animals. As I'm becoming older I have been thinking more about pursuing a career in veterinary sciences. Rather than dealing with domestic animals I am more interested in wild animals. What opportunities has this career given you? Have you been...

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When do you come to terms of accepting failure or deciding to quit?

I began college as a Animal Science major and realized it wasn't for me. I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm hoping to still be eligible of becoming a vet student. I keep holding onto the idea that you don't have to be a traditional vet student to be qualified. I have no direction of what...

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I really want to be a veterinarian, but I struggle a lot with science and math so can anyone give me advice on how to tackle this on.

I love animals, but I hate science and math. I am bad at both and have not had good teachers to help me with my trouble in it. I don't want this to stop me from pursuing my dream and making me regret not trying so is there anyone who has been in the same boat as me? I am very intimidated...

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What steps should I take to become a veterinarian? And how has this pandemic effected vet clinics and hospitals.

I'm a sophomore in high school who has a passion for helping animals. I've been deeply passionate about becoming a vet because of an incident that happened with my puppy. When I arrived at the hospital after school I saw the animals and their owners waiting it hurts my heart knowing they need...

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Can you pay tuition in parts?

I like to read and write and I love animals. I have a sister....


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Does a veterinarian make much more money than a vet tech?

Is there a large discrepancy in pay levels between the two professions? #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian...


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How much should a veterinarian expect to make in their first few years of work?

I am curious about how much different professions make. There are many different answers on the internet, so I am curious on if there is a more definite number. #veterinary #medicine...


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What entry -level or internship job is right for an aspiring veterinarian?

I have always loved animals and I want to start to gain experience in working to help them. #job #veterinary #internship #veterinary-medicine...


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Is ASU good for veterinary schooling

I've wanted to be a vet for a while now, but I do not really know if this school has a good veterinary program #veterinary...


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Wildlife And Ecology Opportunities For High School Students?

What are some routes to get involved in ecology, conservation, wildlife #biology #veterinary med, etc. as a high school student? I am referring to particular programs rather than general advice. Example: Wild Bird Fund in NYC. Anything (inter)national or based in NYC. #conservation #ecology...


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How many hours will i work?

I'm in the 7th grade and i enjoy volleyball, animals, music, and babysitting #animals #music...


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What are the downsides of being a veterinarian or a nurse?

I have always wanted to be a vet but I also keep getting nursing as my number 1 option for career surveys. #veterinary #nurse...


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