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Career Questions tagged Confused

Jack F.’s Avatar
Jack F. Jun 04 79 views

Is it okay to continue a medical course even if you are not passionate about it?

I have been studying Dentistry for 2 years in University now. I know I can finish Dentistry if I persist and carry on. But Dentistry just takes so long, and it exhausts me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I know I can get another job after I finish this degree, I am just having my...

#college #lost #dentistry #careerpath #confused

Ava R.’s Avatar
Ava R. Mar 17 79 views

How did you decide the medical field you wanted to go into?

I am interested in the medical field but am not sure what i want to be....


Elise J.’s Avatar
Elise J. Feb 26 147 views

Can I be a gymnast and a YouTuber at the same time?

My hobbies are crafting and gymnastics and I know that I can craft while I have a YouTube account but I am not so sure about gymnastics. #confused #career #youtube #gymnast...


Jileddys B.’s Avatar
Jileddys B. Feb 26 252 views

im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ? #curious #managing #business #child #social-worker #confused #jobs #education...


Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Feb 26 206 views

Everyone says I have so much potential to do serious jobs (e.g lawyer) so I need help from you.

As I am always top of class and like learning new things, my family says I’d be good for serious jobs like being a lawyer that will get me lots of money. I agree with them as top paid jobs are in this field. But at the same time, I want to be a dancer, actress and a model for my passions ....

#career #law #business #everyone #money #confused #life

Arturo G.’s Avatar
Arturo G. Feb 26 153 views

PTIN question

Hello, If i have a PTIN that i received from the firm that i work at. I am able to use that same PTIN number for when i prepare tax returns on my behalf. With my owe business. #pro #help #taxhelp #accountant #cpa #asap #confused...


Tatiana M.’s Avatar
Tatiana M. Feb 24 128 views

How do I know what I want to do is really for me?

Hello, I don't really want to go to college and I am still trying to figure out my future. I could honestly be so much, so it is difficult trying to find and pick one thing. Is college really for me? The experience wouldn't be the same as it would a decade ago, so what is and what isn't for...

#higher-education #confused

Lok Yin C.’s Avatar
Lok Yin C. Jan 23 200 views

How to figure out my career patheay?

I am a university student studying in Hong Kong. My major is urban studies, which is about issues in urban design. However, I have poor performance in academics and low GPA. For my working experience, I have worked as part time assistant in heritage organisation, property management intern ,...

#rtpi #pathway #cvwriting #tips #socialscience #unemployed #uk #architecture #careerpathway #interview #cv #lowgpa #urbanstudies #confused #company #career

Hannah R.’s Avatar
Hannah R. Jan 16 913 views

How do I become a veterinary doctor? And how long does it take to be one?

Hello, I'm Hannah a 12th Grade student. I'm at a point in my life where I really need to think about what I'll be taking up in college I'm not quite sure if I should be a doctor or a lawyer. I decide to research veterinary medicine after noticing the need for such a profession here in the...

#confused #student

Caitlin J.’s Avatar
Caitlin J. Oct 27, 2020 123 views
Caitlin J.’s Avatar
Caitlin J. Oct 23, 2020 156 views

how do you go about becoming a nurse?

I don't know how to get my career started...


Ashton B.’s Avatar
Ashton B. Jul 20, 2020 402 views

How can I choose a profitable career when my interests don’t align with many?

I’m an upcoming senior in high school and I’m starting to seriously consider my future path. My issue is that my interest in the preforming and fine arts outweighs much of anything else, and From what I know those Aren’t fields that often get paid very much. I enjoy designing and drafting so I...

#help #career-choice #starvingartist #confused #music #graphicdesign #career #architecture #profitable #stuck #money #decisions #arts #psychology

Christine S.’s Avatar
Christine S. Sep 22, 2019 261 views

I don't know what to do.

I'm not really sure what to do for college, I'm a junior in high school and I'm pretty lost. I don't really have any ideas in mind, although I spend a lot of time on my laptop I don't see myself liking a profession based on technology ( I've researched about computer science, programming, etc....

#lost #help #confused

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 04, 2019 452 views

Is it normal to start work before signing a contract?

It freaked me out because a few days ago, I received an email notice that I was accepted to a job position that I applied for, but right after that email notice, there was another email giving me instructions for my first assignment and telling me that it needed to be completed within 48...

#work-questions #help #advice #job-questions #job #confused #career-advice #work #independent-contractor #job-advice #college-student #contract

Myshelle H.’s Avatar
Myshelle H. Nov 15, 2018 600 views

I am interested in a multitude of things that, how do I know which career would be right for me?

Some career related things I am interested in science, traveling, photography, helping people, reading and writing. I like a challenge and to do something different everyday. #career-path #complicated #career-counseling #career-path #career #confused #help #life...

William H.’s Avatar
William H. Nov 03, 2018 347 views

help with deciding please

I'm William. I have a bachelor degree oof general sstudies major communication. I have a associate degree ggeneral studies. I like audio recording aand editing, writing, media, cyber, reading, history. I have lots of interests and would love help for focusing on a career. #questions #career...

#entry #confused

Tucker V.’s Avatar
Tucker V. Oct 30, 2018 327 views

Which college in Idaho should I try to attend for Civil Engineering?

When I have asked if a college in Idaho offers a Civil Engineering program, I receive a very vague answer. I am not sure if it is because the certain college that I am asking is looking out for their own interest rather then helping me pursue the best avenue for my education. #troubled,...


K O.’s Avatar
K O. Sep 11, 2018 702 views

Double Major in Psychology & Nutrition?

So, I’m a senior in college & I’m now questioning all of my life decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE psychology. But I’m just now realizing throughout the years I’ve always had such a strong passion for nutrition & I don’t know what to do. My original plan was to go to grad school...

#nutritionist #confused #college-major #nutrition #psychologynutrition #career #doublemajor #psychology

Karen F.’s Avatar
Karen F. Aug 28, 2018 321 views

What is the difference from attending a private college than a public college?

I am at a community college and I plan to transfer to a four year college. I need some information of schools I should consider when transferring. Are private colleges better in academics or sports? Why do they cost so much? Are they better than public colleges? #future...


Juan G.’s Avatar
Juan G. Jul 20, 2018 402 views

How did you decide to be in your specific feild as an engineer?

I know there are many options in being an engineer however i'm one of those people that are still confused on what i'll want to major in. I don't have a clear mind on what I want to be. #engineer...


Shaylee W.’s Avatar
Shaylee W. Jul 13, 2018 329 views

Whats the best collage to go to for Marine Biology?

I want to study animals from the water background, but i'm not sure what school to go to. #collage #confused #helpinganimals...


Monica G.’s Avatar
Monica G. May 16, 2018 571 views

What made you realize you wanted to pursue graduate school instead of medical school?

As a college student, I am very confused whether I want to go to graduate school and perform research to get a Ph.D in biochemistry or to go to medical school like most kids would. I am curious as to why or how others chose which path to choose as to help me as well. #graduate-school...

#college #career-path #confused #medicine #career #biochemistry #medical-school

Sarah K.’s Avatar
Sarah K. May 14, 2018 406 views

What is life like after college?

What is it like leaving college having a job in the field you studied and living on your own? Is it hard to buy a house after you graduate? What’s the best way to save money and build credit in college while also paying normal expenses and for college? #help #scacred #confused #college...


Aleja R.’s Avatar
Aleja R. Apr 24, 2018 455 views

Should I become a pediatrician despite that I am not interested in science?

The main focus of the medical field is science, and although that is not my interest, I would love to become a pediatrician. Will this disinterest eventually make me regret studying to become a pediatrician? I love working with kids, and I can really imagine myself in this career. #medicine...

#medicalschool #working-with-kids #will-i-regret-doing-it #confused #majors

Sarah G.’s Avatar
Sarah G. Mar 16, 2018 543 views

How did you know your major was right for you?

I recently chose my major for college but I've been having some second thoughts. I don't have any close family members who went to college and it would be really great to hear from someone who has experience how exactly you knew you'd made the right decision when choosing your major. #major...

#help #confused #collegebound

Lilian M.’s Avatar
Lilian M. Mar 09, 2018 347 views

How do I know that I am going to the right college for me?

I have been accepted into two colleges and they are both around the same price. I know my parents want me to go to one, but I want to go to the other. How do I pick the right one?...