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Raymond H. Apr 24, 2018 350 views

How much studying will be required? How much assistance will I get due to my Learning Disability

I have a learning disability and want to make sure I keep up with my classes. I have managed in high school but know it will be different in college. I am enrolling in a college with strong supports for people with learning differences. #educational-technology #online-learning #adhd...

#disability-awareness #learning-disabilities #student-with-disabilities

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Michael K. Apr 23, 2018 179 views

Is it a good idea for a male student with ADHD to go away for college as a freshman?

I am a senior in high school who is graduating this summer. I would like to go away and dorm but I was never away from my parents. I have ADHD, which at times I get impulsive and need a little help in the organization department. I would like to spread my wing and fly but I don't want to fail...

#adhd #graduating