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Career Questions tagged Disability Awareness

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Apr 24, 2018 674 views

How much studying will be required? How much assistance will I get due to my Learning Disability

I have a learning disability and want to make sure I keep up with my classes. I have managed in high school but know it will be different in college. I am enrolling in a college with strong supports for people with learning differences. #educational-technology #online-learning #adhd...

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Jan 22, 2018 606 views

I would like to know how others with chronic illness of fibromyalgia have survived a full time school schedule

I suffer from fibromyalgia but I have big plans to attend nursing school this coming fall. I know this that full time college schedule is demanding and I have been developing "tools" to cope but I wonder if others have come up with good ideas I haven't thought of. #fibromyalgia...

Jolivette’s Avatar
Jolivette Jan 18, 2018 378 views

What should be the focus for a psychology student who hopes to impact the mental healthcare of disabled and homebound persons?

I am perusing a psychology degree to become a mental health professional. I hope to offer virtual counseling and other help online for disabled persons like myself or people who may be home-bound. I am interested to know if the mental health profession is working toward helping these type of...