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Becoming a dentist

I want to study 3 years of college and become a dental hygiene, and start working. Then i would like to continue my study and become a dentist. #dentist #dentistry...


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What struggles does a dental assistant conquer daily?

Do they struggle with patients, coworkers, or equipment in their station? #dental Assisting #dental #dental-assistant #dentistry...


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Aastha P. Aug 18, 2018 146 views

What college courses would be beneficial for me to take to be a dentist?

Hello my name is Aastha P. I am in 7th grade and go to Pikeville Jr.High School in Pikeville, KY. , I am currently attending a S.T.E.M Camp through Verizon Innovations in Learning. I would love to have some input as to the path I need to take to become a dentist. #dentistry #dentist #dental...

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How precise should you be to practice dentistry?

#dentistry Is it possible for someone with trembling hands to even consider being a...

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Odai I. Nov 08, 2018 349 views

Dentistry or Computer engineering

Hello I was wondering what major is better (Makes more money, wouldn't need much time to find a suting job opportunity)etc.. I have 2 majors in mind (Dentistry & Computer engineering) I'd love Dentistry because of 1: I can make my own clinic 2: I am my own boss 3.I am pretty good in...

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Do I need to have a major in science to attend dental school?

Do I need to major in, for instance, Biology or any hard science to attend a dental or medical school? #science #dental...


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Anna R. Apr 24, 2018 223 views

What steps should I take to get accepted into Dental School? Any good recommendations?

I am currently going to Hygiene School. However, my dream is to become a Pediatric Dentist. Due to lack monetary struggles, my first step was hygiene school. I plan to apply for Dental School but I don't know what steps to take, I heard it is very difficult for acceptance. Is that correct?...

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I will be attending dental school soon, but the cost has been weighing heavily on my mind. What are some key ways to minimize expenses during dental school and to pay off debt quickly afterward?

I would love to own my own private dental practice someday but do not know how feasible it would be if I entered into it with the burden of a large debt. #dentistry...