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Career Questions tagged Ultrasoundtech

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Zulema 2 days ago 71 views

What are the daily basis like being a Ultrasound Tech?

I want to become a Ultrasound Tech when i graduate high school, But i would like to know more on what the daily basis are.

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Zulema Jan 18 57 views

What top subjects are required for ultra soundtechs?

I'm a 11th grader and i would like to pick my next subjects base on whats needed on becoming an Ultra Soundtech.

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Zulema Jan 11 70 views

What would be a good start in becoming a ultrasoundtech?

What would be a good start in becoming a ultrasound tech but still in high school? Any feedback would be great!

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Zulema Dec 08, 2022 104 views

What is a good start to becoming an ultrasound tech?

Any feedback is great and how to also get into that field.

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Quincey Oct 09, 2021 264 views

Do medical offices prefer for you to have more experience with a 4 year college? or does it not matter how long you do schooling? (Ultrasound technician)

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Quincey Oct 09, 2021 212 views

How many years do you need to go to college to be a travel ultrasound technician?

#college #ultrasoundtech #travel #sonographer #traveljob