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Career Questions tagged Sonographytechnician

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Feb 08 138 views

Is sonography hard? Could a man have a career in this field despite it being a more woman sided job. Do you enjoy your job?

I want to go to a technical school in Greenville for about 2-3 years.

Malary’s Avatar
Malary Oct 31, 2022 170 views

What do I need to major in or study to become a Sonographer ?

I am a student in high school, looking to see what job would be best for in the future. I was just wondering what I would need to do to become a sonographer.

Kaylynn’s Avatar
Kaylynn Sep 20, 2022 449 views

Where are good places to go to school for sonography in Oklahoma?

I am leaving my current career and need some advice.

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia Aug 30, 2018 437 views

Do all colleges offer double majors?

#college-majors #nursing #SonographyTechnician