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baylea E. Aug 12

what do you like most / least about being a dental assistant?

I'm a 23 year old in job core training to be a dental assistant #dental- assistant...


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Theertha D. Aug 08
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Theertha D. Aug 08
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Andrea F. Aug 29, 2018

What struggles does a dental assistant conquer daily?

Do they struggle with patients, coworkers, or equipment in their station? #dental Assisting #dental #dental-assistant #dentistry...


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Keri N. Jun 19
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Andrea F. Aug 29, 2018

What's the difference between dental assistant and a dental hygiene?

I want to understand the major differences of both career options. #dental Assisting...


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Richel P. Aug 03, 2018

How long will it take to pay for student loans with the salary of a dental hygienist?

Long story short, I am currently pursuing dental hygiene in a very expensive private university because the state I live in does not offer many options for me to pursue this degree. One school has a lot of pre-requisites that I did not take when I first went to college and the other has a...

#dental-hygienist #studentloans #dental

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Richel P. Aug 03, 2018

What can I do with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene?

I am entering an associate program for dental hygiene. I know that working in a clinic eventually takes a physical toll on the body so I don't plan to do it for my entire professional career. Does it make sense to pursue a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene after working as a hygienist for a...

#dental-hygienist #career #dental

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Anna R. Apr 24, 2018

Is it true that a Dental Hygienist can open their own practice?

I am attending a hygiene program and I've read many article stating that hygienists can open their own practice in Colorado. I was just wondering if that was entirely true? I #business-management #dental-practice #dental-hygienist #teeth #business #dental #dentist #dentistry...

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alina B. Nov 06, 2017

can i study BSC in dental Hygeine for 4 years and then pursue dentistry

I have applied to dental hygeine school (UBC) in canada which offers a 4 year dental hygeine course and a masters level dentistry course i was wondering what if it is possible for me to first study dental hygeine then pursue the 4 year degree of doctor in dental medicine. #ubc #dentistry...

#canada #dentist #dental-hygienist

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Averion G. Aug 31, 2017

What type of programs are there to help you to become a Dentist?

I am interested in working in this field, and I want to know how many years will I need to put in to get to my goal. Also, I am looking for programs to help me reach my goals..#dentistry #dental-hygienist...


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Robyn J. Aug 31, 2017

What strengths are required in order to major in dentistry?

What are some of the daily challenges you face? #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental...


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De'Asia S. Feb 13, 2017

As a dental hygienist, how do you deal with people of all different ages?

What are some of their duties? What are some attributes of a great dentist? #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental...


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carissa V. Jul 02, 2018

What is it like in dental school?

What is a day in dental school like? what are some challenges or activities a student will encounter? #dentist #dental-school #dental...


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carissa V. Jul 02, 2018

what are the benefits of becoming a dentist rather than a dental assistant?

I want to be a dentist but I know it will be challenging to reach that goal so I was wondering if the extra school was worth it. #dentist #dental-hygienist...


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Trisha L. Apr 21, 2018

Relocating Future Dental Hygienist... NC to MA or RI

I am currently in Dental Hygiene school in North Carolina. I am about to start my second year of the program, and will graduate in 2019. When I graduate, I plan to move to either Massachusetts or Rhode Island (somewhere close to the state lines). North Carolina is one of the stricter states,...

#dental #dental-practice #relocation #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental-hygiene #rdh

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Laureale C. Mar 13, 2018