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korey R. Jan 30 35 views

do you have to become a dental hygienist before becoming a dentist

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in become a dentist #dentist #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental...


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abby J. Nov 15, 2019 40 views

Will I have to work at a front desk on the first day if I work in a dentist's office?

I want to help people with their teeth. Do I have to start at the front desk? #dentistry #dental-hygienist...


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annaka S. Nov 20, 2019 30 views
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if i'm a dentist will I have to put on braces?

I'm 12 years old I want to learn more about dentistry. #dentistry #dentist #dental...


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simona M. Oct 20, 2019 75 views

Dentistry and passion for fashion,how could it get together?:(

Im a general dentist,wich didn’t practiced for about 5y and i love fashion,styling,communication,people and making things trying to find myself again in the profession that ive got,but i don’t know what is the right way... #fashion #fashiondesign...


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Sha M. Sep 19, 2019 52 views

Becoming a dentist

I want to study 3 years of college and become a dental hygiene, and start working. Then i would like to continue my study and become a dentist. #dentist #dentistry...


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Aastha P. Aug 18, 2018 184 views

What college courses would be beneficial for me to take to be a dentist?

Hello my name is Aastha P. I am in 7th grade and go to Pikeville Jr.High School in Pikeville, KY. , I am currently attending a S.T.E.M Camp through Verizon Innovations in Learning. I would love to have some input as to the path I need to take to become a dentist. #dentistry #dentist #dental...

#classes #college

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Sarah J. Jun 01, 2019 82 views

What do you do when you are a dentist?

Cavity's X-ray Surgery Pulling Teeth...


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Alejandra C. May 03, 2019 78 views
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Leo R. Aug 30, 2018 228 views

What steps did you take in becoming a Doctor?

Will I be able to make it with all regular classes, no AP etc? #surgeon #doctor #professional...


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Anna R. Apr 24, 2018 246 views

What steps should I take to get accepted into Dental School? Any good recommendations?

I am currently going to Hygiene School. However, my dream is to become a Pediatric Dentist. Due to lack monetary struggles, my first step was hygiene school. I plan to apply for Dental School but I don't know what steps to take, I heard it is very difficult for acceptance. Is that correct?...

#dentist #dental-school #teeth #dentistry #dds #pediatric-dentistry

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Anabel L. Aug 01, 2018 133 views

If you want to go to dental school, do you need to have very good hand skills or can these be learned?

I’m nervous about not having extremely steady hands and having this affect my possible career. Can these skills be learned and trained? #dentist...


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Anna R. Apr 24, 2018 235 views

Is it true that a Dental Hygienist can open their own practice?

I am attending a hygiene program and I've read many article stating that hygienists can open their own practice in Colorado. I was just wondering if that was entirely true? I #business-management #dental-practice #dental-hygienist #teeth #business #dental #dentist #dentistry...

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alina B. Nov 06, 2017 303 views

can i study BSC in dental Hygeine for 4 years and then pursue dentistry

I have applied to dental hygeine school (UBC) in canada which offers a 4 year dental hygeine course and a masters level dentistry course i was wondering what if it is possible for me to first study dental hygeine then pursue the 4 year degree of doctor in dental medicine. #ubc #dentistry...

#dentist #canada #dental-hygienist