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Career Questions tagged College Bound

Are you on your way to college and have a question? Read below, and you may find your answer.

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Ashley yesterday 17 views

What colleges will better nurture me to become a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I am a 10th grader. Right now, my school has stressed the importance of knowing what to do after highschools. One thing I'm struggling with is the factors that take place when picking a college, when picking classes, when picking a job, etc.

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David Sep 28 98 views

Total cost for 4 years of college

How much does it cost to go to college for 4 years (including tuition, living expenses, etc.)?

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Vaidehi May 25 84 views

What are other ways I can crack the admission in MIT?

I'm ready for SAT and my HS GPA is 3.67.... what more I need ?

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Tahjey May 05 206 views

which colleges have a good sports medicine program?

which colleges have a good sports medicine program?

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Jonathan Apr 15 285 views

Should I choose the college that's better overall or better for my major?

I sometimes wonder if my major will be better in a college that's deemed worse compared to other colleges and so should I go with the college that is considered better, or the college that is better for my major.

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Daisy Mar 25 193 views

What should I do to prepare for college?

any tips and advice?

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Ingrid Mar 01 210 views

How do I know what college to attend?

Hi, more recently I have been looking into college more and I am wondering simply what to look for. I know that looking for a college can be stressful, and I am wondering if there are any minor details that you, or others you know, may have overlooked when choosing the right college. So, I'm...

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E Feb 18 177 views

(College Student) Are you supported by an academic advisor? In what ways has that been helpful to you and how has your experience could have been made better?

#college #college-advice #college-bound #college-selection

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Jan 28 155 views

Now that I’ve been accepted into a local college, what are some steps I can take in general to excel in my mandatory classes? Also what are some examples of mandatory classes?

I’ve been accepted into my college that I will be committing to. As of now I’m undeclared but want to minor in business and communications just to get a feel of college first before committing to a major. I already have a multitude of AP classes I’m currently taking that will cover a few...

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Elaine Jan 21 281 views

Advices before heading into college?

I will be attending college in the fall of 2022, and I don't feel prepared for it at all. Therefore, what are some things that can help me get physically and mentally prepared? Are there anythings I should know or look out for?(How is it different from High School?) Tips/advices on making...

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Jeffrey Jan 21 250 views

How important are 12th grade second semester grades for colleges?

Looking online and asking friends and professionals, they tell me different things, such as how it doesn't matter or how important they are. The difficulty of my classes and my grades are causing a decrease in confidence, and how it will affect my colleges. #college #college-admissions...

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Junxi Dec 02, 2021 305 views

Is college even for me? What type of things can I apply for that is not college?

#college #college-selection #graduate #college-bound #college-advice

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 29, 2021 230 views

If I get accepted into NYU, what are some housing resources that I can utilize?

Does anyone have any advice about East Coast housing resources? I would like to apply for NYU, and if accepted, they have a long dorm wait list. Is there any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend for semi-affordable ways for student to live off campus? Also, I would...

ruiling’s Avatar
ruiling Nov 23, 2021 295 views

How can I be more efficient in my daily routines? How can I be more focused on school work?

Hi! I am a college student. I used to be living at home before coming to college, I will have breakfast waken up, and now everything is so different. The first thing I did when I wake up is make my bed, and then I have to wait for the laundry room to be ready, and I cleaned my cup, then I...

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Genesis Nov 14, 2021 332 views

How do i get more information about college other than school?

#college #college-advice #college-admissions #help #college-admissions #college-bound #help

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Daniel Nov 03, 2021 182 views

Where can i find more info about college beside my schoo?

#college #college-advice #college-selection #career #college-bound

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Alex Nov 02, 2021 265 views

What is the most difficult part of being a college student?

In what ways are college different compared to high school, how exactly does college impact or change you?

#student #college #college-advice #college-bound

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Karan Aug 18, 2021 369 views

my question is about what college should i go to

#college #college-bound #professor

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Jam Jul 09, 2021 422 views

Any advice on writing personal statements for college applications?

I am an incoming senior in high school and I am looking to apply to some colleges. How should I get started on my essays? Any advice or no-no's I should avoid?

#college-advice #college-admissions #college-bound #college

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Krystal Jun 17, 2021 281 views

How should I study for the MCAT?

I'm starting college this fall, so I wanted to know a timeline on when/how I should study. #college #college-bound #mcat

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Alexis Jun 08, 2021 188 views

What are create ways to stand out for colleges

When it comes to essays and projects I am curious as to what I can do to make a difference and colleges picking. #college-bound

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Tyrone Jun 04, 2021 284 views

Can people have a job and still be in college


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Victoria Jun 02, 2021 193 views

What can I add to my resume that can help me become a psychologist?


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Kayse May 17, 2021 248 views

What suggestions would a freshman in college get?

#Freshman #Career-Path #university #college-bound

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paul May 11, 2021 224 views

whats its like being a mechanic?

#Cars #college-bound #

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Darren Apr 26, 2021 379 views

How can I identify if what really are my weaknesses?

I am afraid of failures. #healthcare #medicine #college-bound

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felicia Feb 23, 2021 188 views

What are some mistakes that i should look out for when trying to maneuver in the music business as an aspiring recording artists or just the industry in general

I am junior in high school and i just want to know the type of mistakes people make when going into this field so i can well informed before i make any type of long term decisions #education #college-bound #high-school

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany Feb 10, 2021 392 views

What is some advice to a new college student who has never lived alone?

I'm about to go off to college and it's very scary to think I'll be in an unfamiliar place all by myself. #college-student #college-bound

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Thabiso Dec 24, 2020 372 views

I just want to be a rapper but i don't have producer what's i must do

#student #college-bound

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Jerry Oct 27, 2020 321 views

HighSchool Vs College

What are the diffrences from a college lifestyle versus highschool lifestyle. i know the basics of being a adult but whats truly required to be a succesful adult #adulting #career #career-path-planning #college-bound