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Career Questions tagged College Bound

Are you on your way to college and have a question? Read below, and you may find your answer.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Nov 23 118 views

How do I get a job while in college so I can make money on the side?

Preferably a job on-campus. I'm going to LSU. I don't know if I'm going to live in dorms or have my own place but either way I want to make money for myself. I want to get into the workforce early so I can know what it's like.

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Nov 21 83 views

How do I know what major I want to pick in college?

What do I do if I’m undecided

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Nov 12 81 views

Why is this important?

Why is it important to know these things and why should I know them and how will they help in the future life.

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Nov 08 49 views

What field did you choose and were you able to find employment right after college?

I am a sophomore in high school looking into colleges. I am interested in sports (soccer) in college, but I am interested in sports medicine/the medical field.

Alana’s Avatar
Alana Nov 08 26 views

Can you get a Cultural anthropology major in New York University or McGill? As well do either of those have any Theology classes as in relation to Christianity?

Things I would like to study
- Culture
- Languages
- Theology
- Writing

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Aug 18 215 views

What are things you can do in high-school that stands out to colleges?

I’m a incoming student at Grosse Pointe South in Grosse Pointe Michigan. School is very important to me so the question that often comings to mind when I think about going to higher is, “ Am I making the right choices for classes and extra curricular activities?”. I definitely need help coming...

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Aug 04 149 views

Cooking carrer?

How many years do you have to go to college to get a way-paying job in the food industry?

Livia’s Avatar
Livia Jul 27 153 views

What is your best advice for deciding which college best fits you?

There’s good schools but how am I sure if they’re best for me specifically?

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jul 25 87 views

What, are the best type of scholarships to get for a college bound student who loves music?

high school student starting her senior year and wondering where to start for scholarships.

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Jul 22 165 views

What classes should I chose once I finally enroll in college?

What classes should I chose once I finally enroll in college?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 16 112 views

What careers are most conducive with an interest in macroeconomics?

Realistically, besides academia, how could I use my interest in resource distribution & large-scale interactions in a career setting?

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Jul 10 105 views

What is the best way to get noticed during the entire college admissions process?

How do you stand out?

Shambhvi’s Avatar
Shambhvi Jul 10 156 views

What are some things I should do in freshmen year to stand out to colleges?

I want to do med and I am currently a high school freshmen.

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jul 06 181 views

How do I decide on which college I should go to?

I am a very creative person and I want to sell art. But at the same time I want to help animals. What college should I go to?

angie’s Avatar
angie Jul 01 154 views

What are some things colleges look for in a student?

I'm about to become a freshman in highschool and I would like to get a head start on my college resume. What would be the best way to go about this?

Kaylin’s Avatar
Kaylin Jun 28 195 views

What were some of the most differentiating factors between colleges and careers you chose?

I am currently in the process of college admissions and I'm conflicted on what college to apply for, the specifics, and how to determine the best fit.

Kamil’s Avatar
Kamil Jun 20 209 views

How do I know what to major in when I go to college?

As an incoming senior in high school, I am like most other students who don't know what they want to major in in college. I enjoy business and computer science, so that is most likely what I am interested in. My question is how did you find out what you wanted to major in? Were there any events...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 19 115 views

How did you know what you wanted to do after high school?

Was there a specific time you knew?
Did you get an internship?

Shyanne’s Avatar
Shyanne Jun 14 119 views

How do i save money for college?

How do i start saving up for college

favour’s Avatar
favour Jun 12 452 views

What are things college admission officers look for in an applicant's essay? What type of essays do admission officers generally dislike? #Spring23

I am in the process of writing my college essay and would really like to produce a remarkable essay.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jun 02 536 views

What are the factors to consider when choosing a college?

What are the factors to consider when choosing a college? How does the location, size, quality, and reputation of academic programs, availability of extracurricular activities, overall cost and financial aid options, and campus culture and community impact your college experience? What personal...

Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey May 24 154 views

How do you become a nurse in Ontario?

College bound in Ontario

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda May 12 272 views

How did you choose your college?

To seniors who have just committed to your college, or to others that have in the past, how did you decide which one to commit to?

In terms of priority, which factors were more important, i.e. what were the deciding factors?

phong’s Avatar
phong May 10 109 views

what is graduation and why is it important?

like I know Graduating are so important but why?

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Apr 29 220 views

What are recommended things to do for college applications?

Such as extracurriculars, dual credit college classes, AP courses, clubs, etc.

yeso’s Avatar
yeso Apr 19 205 views

How Do I get into College?

How do I get into college? What do I need? How much does it typically cost in state? What can I do to prepare for college as a junior in high school? Is it possible to take care of my kid while doing schooling?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 18 304 views

How do I put myself out there in college?

I've been asking about this specific subject for a little bit, but I want to hear different perspectives about it.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Apr 13 253 views

How important is college for my future?

I am a Senior in high school

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 15 296 views

What's the best advice for an 18 year old going into college?

Going to SJSU, any things to look out for when first going on the campus

Calista’s Avatar
Calista Mar 06 499 views

is college worth it or stupid?

should I go to college?