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Tyrianna L. Mar 01 27 views
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Eliza Y. Nov 05, 2020 61 views

What jobs are available with a culinary arts degree?

I'm a Highschool student who is wanting to own my own shop when I get older or become a chef because I love to cook but I also want to know what kind of other jobs that are also involved in cooking so I can have options...


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Michael W. Oct 26, 2020 62 views
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bryan S. Jan 18, 2018 422 views

How can a young entrepreneur be successful in the restaurant industry at a young age?

My whole life I have always loved food. Not only eating but cooking as well. I think of food and cooking a necessity to life but also a way to bring people closer together. The restaurant business is a very risky and statistically a very high failing business. I still have aspirations to be in...

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Eliah J. Feb 08, 2017 632 views

Where is the best place to go to college for being a pastry chef?

I want to become a pastry chef but I don't know where to go to college I would love your advice. #chef #pastry-chef #culinary #culinary-skills #culinary-management #culinary-arts...


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Amber G. May 13, 2016 460 views

Is JCCC college is the best for culinary programs?

Since I was 7 I loved being in the kitchen, cooking and baking. #chef #cooking...


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Oscar J. May 27, 2016 455 views

How prepared should I be for a college like Johnson and Whales?

I'm an aspiring culinary student who would love to be able to attend Johnson and Whales University, but i believe my high school culinary teacher isn't teaching me enough to be prepared for such a fine school. #chef #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #baking #cooking-and-baking...


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Alexis I. May 25, 2016 775 views

Are culinary careers big right now?

I want to make sure im making a good choice. #career #chef #cooking #culinary #food...


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Harsh W. Jun 23, 2016 766 views

I want to pursue my career in Culinary arts, but my mom says that men should do something sustaining like Engineering, Medicine etc. How can i convince her.

I am from India and mothers here have a very traditional approach to life. I am not sure if she will ever allow me to pursue my dreams. Please give me a solid explanation to convince her. Thank you. #chef #masters #cooking #nutrition #cooking-and-baking #cooking-healthy-meals...


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Dayiana Z. May 20, 2016 628 views

I want to open my own bakery. Does it cost a lot of money to buy one?

I love baking so much and want to one day open my own shop. Do you need all the money to buy a place or build one? How does that work? #business #cooking-and-baking...


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Britton Z. May 17, 2016 545 views

How do I advance my cooking skills?

I want to go to culinary school, and I want to go forward having already earned some type of notable certificate or accomplishment, so are there any online courses that might help me? #cooking #culinary...


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Ajuan S. Jan 21, 2016 673 views

How can an high school student get to work in a danish butter cookie factory? Is it even possible?

I enjoy danish butter cookies and i admire the workers in the factories, it is my dream job. #baking...


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Hana B. Oct 22, 2015 1083 views

which career do you think is better culinary arts, technology, or being in the gaming industry?

I am in 6th grade and I love just about a little bit of everything. The careers I am looking into are all very different from each other, so I need help on deciding. I also want to know the pros and cons of the careers. I have always loved cooking, and sometimes I even make meals for my family....

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Shakeith B. Dec 03, 2014 1194 views
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what would be a great major in college for someone who wants to enter the baking life?

I want to go into college knowing what I want to do with my life but I also don't want to be too specific and limit myself #colleges #baking #cooking-and-baking...