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Career Questions tagged Hardworker

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Carolyn Sep 28 108 views

What are some affordable culinary schools?

I love to cook and am quite good if I do say so myself. Though being a chef is not my first choice as a career it’s one of my favorites as I love to cook. I’m a junior in high school and feel it’s time to jump on the bandwagon for finding a school. What are affordable but quality culinary schools?

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Hannah Jun 24 278 views

Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?

Jake I’m 20 and I am gamer and a hard worker
Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?
Bc I don’t know if it matters but I’ll ask anyway bc why not l anyways any questions for me I’m in 12th grade I love math and I like art I like too collect

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Reginald May 24, 2021 330 views

When should i start putting the word out for my business?

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Aowynn Oct 19, 2020 453 views

Could I be financially stable if I get my associates degree

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Kacidy Oct 19, 2020 473 views

How do I learn better?

#working #hardworker #littleconfusing #focus #learning

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noah Apr 17, 2019 331 views

in a hourly paid job is it better to work harder or work slower so you can get more hours?

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