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When should i start putting the word out for my business?

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4 answers

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Awah’s Answer

Any business will grow if the owner knows who the customers are, where they are located and when to get in touch with them. Without knowledge of the above, you will be presenting you products or services to the wrong audience irrespective of their location and time. To even think of putting your business out for public notice, be sure it meets the desires, aspiration, goals and needs of those intended for.
Here are five signs to let you know that you can start putting the word out there for your business. Keep in mind, if you answer "no" to any of the statements below, you are probably not ready. All of these statements must convince you enough before you start putting the word out for your business. They are as follows:
1. When you have paying customers.
Paying customers that provide feedback about their preferences, why they chose your company over competitors, and testimonials are all perfect fuel for paid advertising.

Once you’ve created products and services that are converting, you can begin to dedicate funds to reaching a broader audience. 
2. When you know who your customers are.
Before you decide on which type of paid advertising you want to try, you need a clear understanding of who your customers are.
If you have a customer persona laid out, it will be easier to decide which channels to advertise on and what to say in your marketing materials. 
3. When you have a way to collect leads or sales.
While advertising campaigns may require some testing and optimization, they’ll bring more traffic and inquiries than organic marketing.
You’ll want to make sure you have a way to collect leads or handle new customers before you drive them towards your company. 
4. When you know how to position yourself against competitors.
 Analyzing the products and services of your competitors helps you define where your brand belongs in the market. An understanding of where and how your competitors are advertising helps you strategically choose a unique marketing strategy. 
5. When you can safely invest some budget into advertising
You don't have to start with a huge advertising budget. However, you do need to be able to comfortably set aside funds before you consider a new paid channel. Once you're capable of defining your advertising budget, you can use that information to make clear decisions about which channels to test and use.
There many more indicators to enable you put your business out there but these five are the best for now.

Awah recommends the following next steps:

Read and then apply.
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Jessica’s Answer

Hi Reginald,

Congrats on starting your own business! There are several ways you can get the word out.

1) Social Media - I would highly suggest create social media pages for your business, such as Facebook and Instagram. This will be a great, free way to get the word out about your work. This is also an easy way for people to contact you. You can also post on neighborhood Facebook pages and groups that may contain your target audience.

2) Website - I would suggest also creating a website. There are several free platforms you can use, such as WordPress. This will give your website legitimacy and be a platform that has all the information about your website in one place, so you can share it easily.

3) Flyers - I would suggest creating catchy flyers for your business and putting them up in high-traffic areas in your community. The flyer can contain a call-to-action, the URL of your website and your social media platforms.

Best of luck!
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Matthieu’s Answer

Congrats for starting your Business.

Let’s focus on when (not how for now).

As soon as you’re ready to start!
Goal is to get enough customers (but not too much), so that you can practice, and have happy customers, who will let others about your work.

The right amount of Customers is key. You need enough to make you busy, but not too many (otherwise they’ll be disappointed and it will hurt your Brand).

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Kevin’s Answer

Hi Reginald,

I'm not really sure how far you are into your business but I would definitely say it's never too late or too early to start putting the word out there. Even if you haven't officially started it for example, just word of mouth, posting on social media like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, blogging, etc. about your proposed business is huge to gain the potential support you need to get your business going!

Here is a helpful article from American Express that you can take a look at and read into as well:

Hope that helps!
Appreciate it, Kevin Reginald J.