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Career Questions tagged Culinary

Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. Dec 17, 2021 57 views

What are some skills you think are required to succeed in this industry? How do you develop and enhance them?

I'm quite new to the industry and want to focus on certain things to help me grow faster and really push myself to be great. What are some things you think could be good for me to focus on and really help my growth? Culinary Cooking...


Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. Dec 17, 2021 58 views

What are some problems you've had to face in this industry and how did you overcome them?

I know of some problems you can face in this industry but I'm sure there could be a lot more I'm unaware of, so what are some things you have faced and how you overcame them? This way if I ever do face these problems someday then I'll have feedback on it and can deal with them early. Culinary...

chef cooking

Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. Dec 15, 2021 81 views

What's the reason you're so passionate about this area of work and has there been any moments in your career where you've had that passion go away?

I'm someone who's passionate about cooking but I've seen many cooks and chefs lose that passion before, so I am just wondering what made you lose that passion at some point? or what do you think has kept you from losing it? This way I can avoid this from ever happening myself. Culinary...

chef cooking

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Deangel P. Dec 15, 2021 87 views
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Deangel P. Dec 14, 2021 94 views

What positions are there in a bakery?

I'm interested in baking cakes, cookies and other tasty treats career pastries professional career-paths...


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Deangel P. Dec 14, 2021 95 views

Can you tell me how you plan and prioritize your work in a baking profession ?

I'm a person that kinda jump from one thing to another and get off track and then start to forget things that need to be completed and its something i want to get better at. job career baker...


Zariah S.’s Avatar
Zariah S. Dec 14, 2021 76 views

What is it like being in culinary arts or a chef in general?

creative cooking culinary-arts culinary chef I asked this because I want to hear you guys experiences. I believe it's creative, fun and learning...

Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 105 views

What are the best and worst parts of being a chef?

I want to see the answers to this to see if this is truly 100% worth it for me chef cook cooking baker baking culinary-arts culinary...


Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 73 views

What are some important things to know about being a chef?

I'm not extremely well versed in the subject yet and I'm wondering if there's any info I absolutely need to be aware of chef cook cooking baker baking culinary-arts culinary...


Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 101 views

What is an average day in the life of a chef look like?

I want to know how what an average schedule for this profession would be. chef cook cooking baker baking culinary-arts culinary...


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Adam Y. Nov 08, 2021 61 views
Jericho E.’s Avatar
Jericho E. Nov 07, 2021 92 views

How to become a chef

Simple person cooking...


Anya B.’s Avatar
Anya B. Sep 13, 2021 146 views

Can I be a food and beverage manager but still get time for myself and others?

I have always loved hospitality and I really want to be a food and beverage manager. My second choice is a pastry chef. In this field, is it possible to work less hours? I just want more information about this field of work. I don't want to miss out on sleep every night or miss important...

management culinary culinary-arts

Roux E.’s Avatar
Roux E. Aug 23, 2021 147 views

What culinary tools would you suggest besides a high quality knife?

I'm currently a Job Corps student and just starting the program. I have worked in a kitchen feeding retired residents for about 4 months prior to this, and have heard conflicting answers to this question. I don't have a knife yet either, although I've heard German or Japanese crafted blades are...

kitchen tools chef culinary-arts jobcorps culinary cooking

Melissa D.’s Avatar
Melissa D. Aug 20, 2021 154 views

What is the fact that every chef should know?

I would like to know some of them, to investigate on the subject chef culina culinary...


Saul C.’s Avatar
Saul C. Aug 17, 2021 125 views

What values are most important in the work area?

I would like to obtain information about culinary arts, their way of working, opinions and advice culinary A culinary-arts...


Kyra H.’s Avatar
Kyra H. Jul 28, 2021 117 views

How do I become a great chef? where do I start? where should I look?

I'm homeschooled and I want to become a chef because I like to cook and want others to taste my cooking chef cooking culinary-arts...


Itari M.’s Avatar
Itari M. Jul 08, 2021 129 views

What makes a good chief good?

Of course it would be the types of meals they make but what about the chief as a person make them a good chief? Would their emotions reflect on the food they make? business chief entrepreneur culinary...


Trenton-Andrew C.’s Avatar
Trenton-Andrew C. Jun 24, 2021 177 views

what training and advice can you give about running a business?

I am going to open up multiple locations some day, and operate tourist locations, I will be attending college after culinary arts training. but still unsure what I will learn in college. business culinary management entrepreneur...


Emily R.’s Avatar
Emily R. Jun 14, 2021 161 views

Looking for someone to answer a few questions I have regarding culinary arts

Hi, My name is Spencer and I am a student at Job Corps and am going for their culinary arts program. One of our assignments is to ask some questions regarding our desired career path. I was hoping someone could answer these few questions for me. 1. What steps would you recommend I take to...

career culinary-arts culinaryarts culinary job