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Career Questions tagged Study Abroad

Rich’s Avatar
Rich Jan 31 87 views

I was thinking of doing Study Abroad in College, any recommended spots?

My sister did study abroad in college, I'm hoping to do the same. I'm going off her word that it is really fun and eye-opening. Is that the consensus everyone agrees on?

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Jan 30 124 views

Would studying abroad benefit me (In terms of coding)? And what are some pros/cons for this?

Just curious about whether it would benefit me or not.

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Nov 08, 2022 139 views

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad?

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad? #Fall22

K.’s Avatar
K. Aug 19, 2022 232 views

Can You Study Abroad while in a BSN Programs?

Hi! I've always wanted to spend a semester abroad, but I'm worried with the rigor of a BSN program, it won't be possible. Would it be better to go over the summer?

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jul 01, 2022 435 views

How do I go about this career path and what exams should I sit before going abroad?

I want to complete my mbbs degree(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery inindia) and then do further studies abroad

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 21, 2022 400 views

What are the best universities to study business, finance, accounting?

I have heard about Harvard way too often, but it seems overly competitive and expensive.

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 21, 2022 311 views

What are some of the best countries to study abroad?


Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 21, 2022 227 views

I have this dream to study aboard after completing high school and pursue something in business and finance. What are your views about that?

I have talked to people, and they all seem to think that this is a great and passionate idea. I want some guidance on the best universities which are not too expensive and if it is, scholarships are provided.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Feb 06, 2022 407 views

Where could I find scholarships for 2022 in abroad?

I am from the Philippines and I wanna pursue MIS or IS degree this upcoming year preferably English as their medium. #scholarship #study-abroad #college #help

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Nov 06, 2021 295 views

What is it like working in another country?

Is it different from visiting? How does it feel like being away from home? #travel #travel #study-abroad

Laverna’s Avatar
Laverna Nov 06, 2021 379 views

How was the experience of studying abroad and what was it like?

#study-abroad #college

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Nov 06, 2021 491 views

How long does it take to learn a language?

Recently, I've been thinking about what I want to learn in the future and thought about if I wanted to work abroad I would want to be at least conversational level. #foreign-languages #study-abroad

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Nov 03, 2021 281 views

How has studying abroad worked for you and should I have a chance to do it?

#study-abroad #career-counseling #college #travel

Laverna’s Avatar
Laverna Nov 02, 2021 243 views

What are the pros and cons of going to a private school if you want to study abroad for a year compare to just going to a UC and doing their study abroad program?

#college #study-abroad

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine Oct 25, 2021 203 views

Is there a lot of opportunities to travel as a RN?

#nursing #study-abroad

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy Oct 19, 2021 406 views

Is studying abroad a good idea for an International Marketing major?

I was wondering if studying abroad for some of college would be good if I want to travel as a job in business or marketing. #business #marketing #college #study-abroad

DeBond’s Avatar
DeBond Sep 17, 2021 253 views

Can I do abroad study if I transfer from a different school?

I wish to go to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. I first want to go to city college for general courses then transfer but I also would like to study abroad. My question asks if I were to transfer after my second year, am I able to go study abroad on year three. #study-abroad #college

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Sep 16, 2021 328 views

What is it like to work in another country?

Right now, I'm still unsure about what I want to do in the future, but I've always wanted to travel the world and learn foreign languages. How would I be able to do that and earn stable income at the same time? Are there any careers that involve international travel? #travel #career...

Maryna’s Avatar
Maryna Jul 14, 2021 320 views

How can I study abroad?


Ednalyn’s Avatar
Ednalyn Jun 22, 2021 245 views

What are the various requirements to comply when I am planning to teach abroad such as Japan, Singapore or USA? Currently, I am now an ECE student in the Philippines.

#study-abroad #study-abroad

nandini’s Avatar
nandini Jun 09, 2021 320 views

I want to study abroad and get into a good collage although im unsure of the field

#study-abroad #college #science

yash’s Avatar
yash Apr 19, 2021 290 views

Shall we study UG in India and PG abroad , our we shall study both in abroad countries

Myself Yash. I am in 12th grade now and want to go abroad for my further studies. So i have some doubts regarding to this. #study-abroad

Nadya’s Avatar
Nadya Mar 11, 2021 451 views

How will i be able to study abroad

I am Ukrainian and so are many of my ancestors I would like to study abroad to learn more about my family heritage. #study-abroad

rohit’s Avatar
rohit Dec 31, 2020 581 views

how to study in abroad ?

how to study in abroad and
#study-abroad apply for courses?

MJ’s Avatar
MJ Sep 08, 2020 725 views

How do I study fashion abroad without going broke?

#fashion #study-abroad #fashion-design #internships

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2020 625 views

Do you recommend studying abroad?

#study-abroad #career #traveling #international #medicine #career-path

Reese’s Avatar
Reese May 20, 2020 563 views

Would you suggest taking a year to study abroad?

I absolutely love adventuring and the outdoors. I am part of the choir program and I have been a dancer for the last 14 years. I am totally a nature and science nerd! #science #study-abroad

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 15, 2020 686 views

Is it wise to apply for a local university as well as Universities abroad?

Living in BC, thinking of applying to some Ontario Universities, But was curious about whether I should apply for local Universities such as UBC. #university #study-abroad

Hailin’s Avatar
Hailin Apr 23, 2020 757 views

How did studying abroad shape your career?

I am currently a student at UW. I am interested in studying abroad (specifically Tsinghua University) during my junior year. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite aspects of studying abroad? How did it shape you and your career? Which part of the experience stood out to you?...

Yuri’s Avatar
Yuri Apr 22, 2020 636 views

With COVID-19, will possible for me to work or study abroad in the near future?

#study-abroad #work-abroad #COVID-19