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What is the academic and social environment at the University of Toronto and its different campuses?

For an American high school student who has never been to Canada, what is the U of T student environment like? To current students, alumni, or professionals at U of T, what is the curriculum and general teaching style and what kind of undergraduate research opportunities exist for hopeful...

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Posted by Kateryna V.’s Avatar Kateryna V.
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Tina Lee | Senior Social Impact Manager at Dropbox Hi there! Although I've lived in San Francisco the last 10+ ...

I want to do a lot in college! Is it possible to enroll myself intramural sports, major in biology/neurosciences, minor in Chinese literature/culture, be part of Greek life and also work/part-time job?

I'm super excited for college, but because of the major I want to pursue, I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do everything! Is college life mainly studying? I've heard from multiple people that college is going to be the best time of your life, but they also say that high school does...

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Posted by Jessica D.’s Avatar Jessica D.
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Jordan Rivera | Community Manager at CareerVillage Hey Jessica,Great question! And so great to hear that you want ...

I live two hours away from university; is it better if I get on-campus housing?


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Posted by Dan P.’s Avatar Dan P.
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Roger Hancock | Corporate Volunteer Program Management If money is not too much of an issue (and even ...

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