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Career Questions tagged Astronomy

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Irah Mar 13 36 views

What can I do to be an astronomer? What classes would I take in college? Is it expensive to be one?

I'm in 11th grade in high school, the sky interests me and fills my head with questions, theories, and emotions. I would like to know how to be one who studies the sky?

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Abby Feb 28 64 views

Pay of an Astronomer?

What is the Salary like as an astronomer?

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Abby Feb 28 75 views

Astronomy Benefiets?

What benefits are there in being an astronomer? What things do you study?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Feb 28 76 views


What does the life of an astronomer look like?

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Abby Feb 28 88 views

What do Astronomers do?

What do Astronomers do?

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Vincent Feb 17 116 views

What are the prerequisite of astro physics?

I am interest in learning more about physics within our world. Space is a very unique and it's a vast area that we humans have only dabbled in. The universe is indefinite and learning more about the subject will help us explore more about the realm of space and its functionality.

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chris Jan 10 75 views

What are your day to day goals as an astronomer?

I'm doing a career exploration project for my Avid 11 class. Being an astronomer seemed the most interesting to me out of all the choices.

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unknown Dec 26, 2022 247 views

what are some side jobs (or internship for students) in astronomy in which higher education is not that necessary ?

I am a last year student pursuing BSC BIOTECH but I have deep interest in astronomy and my parents forcing me to prepare for some boring jobs so I want to know about some side jobs related to astronomy in which higher education is not that necessary. I want to take small steps towards my aim...

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Nov 10, 2022 459 views

How difficult is it to find a career after graduating from an astronomy major?

I really enjoy my physics class and I want to major in astronomy, but am not sure what I want to do with it after college. I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to find a career that I will really love.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06, 2022 322 views

What’s it like to be an astronomer? What was the process of becoming an astronomer?

I’m very curious at to what it is like to be an astronomer

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Genevieve Jul 31, 2022 301 views

Is earning an astronomy degree hard?

What's involved in earning an astronomy degree? Does involve a lot of math, physics, and theoretical classes? What classes would one take?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 31, 2022 288 views

What is the best major to pair with an astronomy minor?

My younger sister LOVES astronomy, and I think an astronomy minor would be a fun option for her.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 31, 2022 525 views

What can you do with an astronomy major?

My younger sister is really interested in astronomy and I'm encouraging her to major in it. However, when she asked me about career options, all that came to mind were NASA and aerospace engineering. I was wondering if there were any other careers out there and if they are in demand. Also,...

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SRIVEDA Nov 13, 2021 319 views

what to study after 12th to become a cosmologist ?


#any `````````` #india

Belamie’s Avatar
Belamie Nov 10, 2021 409 views

I want to be an astronomer, I like maths and physics.What's the next step?

#physics #math #astronomy #science

Aryona’s Avatar
Aryona Aug 06, 2021 728 views

What can I do to become an astronomer?

I want to become a future astronomer and I need to know how exactly to get the position I want. #astronomer

amanda’s Avatar
amanda Jul 02, 2021 595 views

what do you have to do to be an astrophysicist

I am #any interested in #astrophysics and #visualarts

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Francheska Jun 27, 2021 309 views

How do you use a telescope?

#Women-in-science #Women-in-astronomy #Science #Astronomy #Telescope

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Jun 01, 2021 678 views

What should I know about studying physics?

I love learning, math, and science. I am more interested in physics or astrophysics than I am in biological sciences. Is a physics major or degree worth it? What should I do in high school to prepare for studying physics? What are some extracurriculars that can get me involved in the subject?...

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Divine May 14, 2021 362 views

Is astronomy oky for me

I don't like thinking hard I like simple things #astronomy

Alijan’s Avatar
Alijan May 08, 2021 394 views

How to work in NASA


Luyanda’s Avatar
Luyanda Apr 16, 2021 811 views

what do i need to know to study astronomy

i love the stars. and reading about space facts and theories. #career #career-counseling #astronomy #high school

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Emel Mar 02, 2021 544 views

What do you know about the dynamical systems theory?

It seems interesting and I want to study a sociology or astronomy application of it.
#mathematics #sociology #astronomy #astrophysics #cosmology

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Feb 16, 2021 385 views

What is an average week's workload in the field of Astronomy?

I am currently a sophomore exploring different career paths. #astronomy #career-path

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Dec 21, 2020 386 views

whats the best way to prepare myself to teach? and be confidant in it?

I'm a student at box elder high. I like the idea of becoming a teacher. I enjoy and also am considering teaching astronomy, earth science, or even science in general. I do struggle being confidant when I am describing things to others which is kinda a big deal sense that's a big part of the...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Dec 21, 2020 324 views

why should I not want to be a teacher

I'm a student a box elder high in Utah. I'm interested in the idea of teaching earth science, science in general, art maybe, but most of all astronomy! The ages I'm thinking of teaching are around 6th up till high school. #teacher #astronomy

Alex Butler’s Avatar
Alex Nov 19, 2020 504 views

How do you begin the graduate school search as a physics major?

I am a current junior in college planning to graduate next year, and am looking for advice on how to begin the search for schools. #career-path #physics #graduateschool #gradschool #application #school #college #astronomy #junior

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Nov 18, 2020 412 views

Should I take up astronomy

I have been thinking about joining the STEM community through Astronomy and Physics as a future career. From what I have heard It is a very competitive and difficult career to get. Being a scientist has been a recurring passion. It wasn't until a few days ago I have actually considered...

Dorian’s Avatar
Dorian Oct 01, 2020 277 views

I’m ​​interested ​​in ​​learning​​ about​​ what A​​ Day ​​in ​​the ​​Life ​​is ​​like​​ for ​​a​​n Astrophysicist. So ​​far​​ I have​​ learned ​​about the more hardware design aspect of it,​​ but I​​ would ​​also ​​like ​​to ​​know ​​how it is for the ones that mainly focus on space itself

#Astrophysics #Astrophysicist

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jul 26, 2020 450 views

What is it like being a scientist working for a space agency?

Currently, I am looking into possibly pursuing a science degree and work at a space agency. What kind of work do you do at a space agency like NASA?

#astronomy #space #science #JULY20 #career #astronomer #scientist #nasa #CSA