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What colleges are good to study psychology at?

What are good, and realistically affordable colleges to major in psychology and to also take astronomy courses. I'm currently in 8th grade but really want to start planning ahead.

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6 answers

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Paul’s Answer

If you want to stay in New Jersey, and keep tuition costs down, and avoid paying out of state tuition, there are four very good psychology schools that come to mind. These are:

*Rowan University
*The College of New Jersey
*Rutgers University
*Seton Hall University
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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Maggie !

It is so fortunate for you that you know what you'd like to do as a career and also that you have a lot of time to learn about specific colleges to study at. Although you will have to do lots of first hand work to see which college you can afford and check out the different college's course and degree offerings, reaching out for advice is a good start !

Based on what you've asked, you will have to decide between low cost tuition and a school that has a stellar reputation for their psychology degrees. Most colleges offer astronomy classes, though. Astronomy may fulfill a natural science class if the school you go to requires it as a general ed requirement. You are about a two hour drive from New York City and that is where you are going to find most of the noted schools for Psychology, however they are quite pricey and it's very expensive to live in New York City as you probably already know.

That being said, mostly any college you attend will have an accredited, good program for a Bachelors Degree in Psychology for undergraduate study. You will have to visit each college's website, read the information and than decide. If it's cost that concerns you the most, consider going to the two year college for an Associates at Ocean County College. This will save you money, you can get a degree in Psychology and transfer to a different college for your Bachelors. They do not offer Astronomy but you could probably take online courses if you'd like. You should take Astronomy now, too at your high school. It is not required for a career in psychology so I advise concentrating on your psych/social courses more heavily to prepare you for college. Ocean County College is right there in Toms River and you could register for an orientation there. Than when you are ready to apply for any college, you'll have to return to their website to obtain the current and updated information.

I am leaving a link below to a list of colleges for you to explore. You will have to see which ones have the major program you want and compare tuitions costs. Than go back to their websites when you are ready to enroll to get updated information for the year of your enrollment.

If you decide that a noted named school is more important than affordability, I would recommend studying in New York City because of the ultimate opportunities and experiences you will have being a Psychology Major there. My first suggestions are New York University or Columbia University, but there is also Hunter College which is great, also. Since your college enrollment isn't for quite some time yet, try to get some independent job now and save towards your college days. There are also scholarships, grants, financial aid, and Work Study that will be available to you as a college student.

Until you do the reading of various college websites, you will not be able to choose a college, so this is the best time for you to discover the information on line and visit colleges in person that are nearby you. Keep a notebook and make comparisons. You will eventually come up with the school that will be best for the situation at the time you start applying.

I wish you all the best !

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

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Elizabeth Anne’s Answer

The easiest way to find that out would be to look at different colleges in your state or the state you want to go to, and see if they offer 4 year psychology degrees! Once you find a couple suitable colleges in the area you want to live, then see what their requirements are to apply and strive for that. You can also reach out to their counselors.
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James Constantine’s Answer

Dear Maggie,

Choosing the Right College for Psychology and Astronomy

As you embark on your journey to pursue psychology and astronomy in college, it's crucial to investigate the top colleges that provide these courses at a reasonable price. Here's a list of leading colleges that meet these requirements:

Harvard University: Harvard, a renowned institution, boasts a solid psychology department. Their financial aid program ensures education is within reach for many students. Despite not being the most economical, the caliber of education is unparalleled.

Princeton University: Princeton, another elite school, provides exceptional psychology and astronomy programs. They also have a substantial financial aid program to assist students in need.

Yale University: Yale, famous for its psychology department, offers abundant research opportunities. They provide various financial aid packages to make education more attainable.

Stanford University: Stanford, a leading institution in psychology and astronomy, offers need-based financial aid, enabling many students to afford their education.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT, known for its robust science programs including psychology and astronomy, offers both merit-based and need-based financial aid to make education affordable.

University of California, Berkeley: Berkeley, a public institution, provides excellent education at a reasonable cost. Their psychology and astronomy programs are highly respected, and they offer financial aid to eligible students.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan, recognized for its robust psychology program, offers various financial aid opportunities, making it a cost-effective choice for students.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: The University of Illinois, with affordable tuition rates and a solid psychology and astronomy program, provides financial aid and scholarships for qualified students.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: This public university offers affordable education in psychology and astronomy, with various financial aid options available for students in need.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): UCLA, a highly esteemed public university, offers competitive psychology and astronomy programs. They provide financial aid packages to support students in need.

These colleges provide robust psychology and astronomy programs and are dedicated to making education attainable through financial aid and scholarship opportunities. As an 8th grader, it's crucial to start researching and planning for your future. Considering these colleges can help lay a strong foundation for your educational journey.

Reliable Reference Titles

US News & World Report: This authoritative source offers college rankings and information on financial aid and scholarships, which were used to identify the top colleges for psychology and astronomy studies.

College Factual: College Factual is a trusted source for information on colleges and universities, focusing on the quality of education and affordability. It was used to pinpoint colleges with robust psychology and astronomy programs and financial aid opportunities.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES): NCES, a federal entity, collects and analyzes data related to education in the United States. The data from NCES was used to understand the affordability of colleges and their financial aid offerings.

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James Constantine.
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Cassie’s Answer

Hello Maggie!

Discovering the perfect college for you can sometimes be a challenge. Given that Psychology is a common major in most universities, you have a wide array of options to consider. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Start by creating a shortlist of about 10-15 universities where you can envision yourself pursuing your studies.

2. Consider factors such as the location of the school (think about where you'd like to live), the availability of clubs or activities that align with your interests, the size of the institution (smaller schools might be more personal, while larger ones offer a more diverse experience), and the availability of scholarships or the overall affordability.

3. Also, consider if the school encourages undergraduate research, as this can be a valuable part of your education.

4. Once you have your shortlist, delve deeper into the faculty of the psychology department at each school. Investigate the professors' areas of research and expertise. Look for those who are involved in the fields you're interested in.

5. Review the curriculum for the Psychology major at each school. Check if the required courses appeal to you.

6. Lastly, connect with current students or recent graduates from your shortlisted schools. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights. LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for this.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to finding a college that suits your needs and aspirations.
Thank you comment icon Hi Maggie! I think the above post is a great model for picking a college. I wanted to add some food for thought. Psychology is a great degree, and something I studied myself, and if you are going into a true psychology field (like clinical psychologist), focus solely on psychology. However, most of the post-college opportunities in psychology will be in some kind of applied field (think HR for business). The reason I mention this is because often students get the most value out of their psychology degree when it is paired with another degree that they plan to apply the psychology too. I would start by thinking what do you want to use the psychology degree for and is there another degree that could enhance that. Ethan Paquet
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akshika’s Answer

Hi Maggie,

It's great that you're thinking ahead and planning for your future! When it comes to choosing a college for psychology with the added interest in astronomy courses, consider a mix of well-regarded institutions with reasonable tuition costs. Keep in mind that affordability can vary based on factors such as residency, financial aid, and scholarships. Here are some suggestions:

University of California, Berkeley:
Berkeley is known for its strong psychology program, and being part of the University of California system, it offers diverse courses, including astronomy. In-state tuition might make it more affordable for California residents.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor:
This university has a reputable psychology program and offers a variety of astronomy courses. Michigan residents may benefit from lower tuition rates.

University of Florida:
The University of Florida is known for its psychology department and offers opportunities for studying astronomy.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
UNC Chapel Hill has a well-regarded psychology program, and its diverse course offerings may include astronomy. In-state tuition could be more budget-friendly.
Texas A&M University:

Texas A&M has a strong psychology department, and it offers astronomy courses as well. For Texas residents, in-state tuition may be a more affordable option.

Arizona State University:
ASU has a comprehensive psychology program and offers astronomy courses through its School of Earth and Space Exploration. It's worth exploring due to its diverse offerings and location.
University of Arizona:

Another option in Arizona, the University of Arizona, has a well-regarded psychology program and offers astronomy courses. In-state tuition may be more reasonable.

University of Colorado Boulder:
Known for its strong psychology department and research opportunities, CU Boulder also provides astronomy courses. In-state tuition can be advantageous.

Florida State University:
Florida State offers a solid psychology program and may have astronomy courses available. In-state tuition can make it a more affordable choice.

University of Wisconsin - Madison:
UW Madison is recognized for its psychology department, and it offers astronomy courses through its Astronomy Department. In-state tuition might be more affordable.
Remember to check the specific programs, faculty, and available courses at each institution to ensure they align with your interests.