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Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia 10 hours ago 11 views

How should a 13 y/o explore colleges ?

Im a 13y/o in 8th grade so i have some time but its just something i would like to look into.

Tahsin’s Avatar
Tahsin 2 days ago 44 views

Best Major for Law School?

Hi, I am a current high school senior wondering what would be the best major for someone who's trying to get into law school.

Zahiyyah’s Avatar
Zahiyyah 2 days ago 38 views

How do you know u made the right choice?

How do i make the career choice i choose be the best outcome even though i'm having a hard time settling with it?

Zahiyyah .P , 18. Culinary Arts, Grade 13

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle 2 days ago 26 views

What job is best while in college?

I want to be able to work while still being able to manage all my school work. I also still want to have a flexible schedule, so what job would best accommodate for those?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 27 43 views

When do i start to apply for scholarships?

Where can I apply? how many can I get?

erin’s Avatar
erin Sep 27 23 views

How many years of collage are required to become a lawyer?

what is the minimum amount?

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Sep 25 52 views

What are some ways I can get better at sports before I start high school ?

I’m 13 and I need to know some tips on how I can get better at sports I’m a female so the sports I can do that the school provides are (cheerleading, Volleyball, Golf, soccer, track and field) so if you have any tips let me know!

Bill’s Avatar
Bill Sep 25 74 views

How do you jump higher and dunk in basketball?

I am 13 and I want to dunk by my fresh man year of high school.

ken’s Avatar
ken Sep 24 70 views

When do you know you've accomplished something?

In life their ae many challenges and different things to do to where, its hard to know when to settle down. is there a sign that shows you've done it?

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16 61 views

When looking for scholarships can they follow you to any college you go to?

I am going to applying to scholarships and want to know how to tell which ones are going tofollow me ans which one only apply to certain states.

April’s Avatar
April Sep 22 53 views

How difficult is it to become a professional athlete?

I'm a school counselor trying to see how this works. I may consider utilizing this at the start of each lesson and share the response at the end of class.

kira’s Avatar
kira Sep 22 85 views

what is the best degree to get if i would like to be a personal trainer ?

i would like to be a personal trainer when i am ready to have a job and take over my familys gym however i would still like to go to collage and for that i am coursius what the best major/degree is to work in that field

bryce’s Avatar
bryce Sep 22 97 views

What classes are good to learn finances. ?

As i keep getting older, i want to be able to support myself finanically but how do i stay consistent with achieving my goal.

simon’s Avatar
simon Sep 22 56 views

When will there be a whole another blue moon?

What year day month because Blue Moons are dope and I'm interested in learning more about them

Clarisa’s Avatar
Clarisa Sep 21 56 views

What career are people the most happiest in?

After high school people get jobs that they don't like. I just want to know the most common career people have and are happy in.