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Eugene, Oregon

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jessica’s Avatar
jessica May 29 43 views

What does it take to become a nurse?

What are the steps

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Eboni Feb 16 141 views

What role in student life best aligns with the values of providing an inclusive, compassionate, and holistic space for students to grow personally and academically?

As a student myself, I can understand the challenges learners go through to seek out the best in life: Success. There are lots of things colleges learn to modernize and tackle on the barriers students face and I want to be a part of this journey to help others.

marley’s Avatar
marley Feb 15 131 views

What do need to need to become a professional security guard?

What kind of education did you complete to get where you are today? Did you need to complete college or any other kind of requirements?

Mannix’s Avatar
Mannix Jan 31 131 views

What should I expect going into the security field?

I am a student in Job Corps and I am going into training to become a security guard. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. My questions are as follows: What should I expect going into this field? What would make someone a good fit for the job?...

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Mackenzie Jan 18 419 views

What is the biggest lesson to learn about performing arts?

The performing arts industry is very scary, and I don't have much support. I know there is going to be a lot of lessons I need to learn on my own and was hoping to know the most important one to help me succeed.

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Eboni Dec 08, 2022 302 views

How often should I reach out to my Academic Advisor ?

I think it is a great idea for me to establish great communication with my Academic Advisor so I can keep on taking the necessary course for my degree. Not only that but I have been given great personal and professional advice and resources. I don't want to overstep my boundaries by asking a...

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Eboni Feb 23, 2022 286 views

For current college students, With more safety protocols placed on campus, would you be interested in attending more in-person activities? Why or why not?

#college-advice #student #college

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Eboni Feb 18, 2022 303 views

(College Student) Are you supported by an academic advisor? In what ways has that been helpful to you and how has your experience could have been made better?

#college #college-advice #college-bound #college-selection

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 18, 2022 329 views

(College Student) If more academic advisors were provided at your school, would you have a better or more personalized and effective experience?

#college #student #college-advice

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Eboni Feb 18, 2022 310 views

(College Student) If you do not use any of the student support programs at your school, what is something that is holding you back from seeking any?

#college #student #college-advice #college-student

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Eboni Feb 18, 2022 365 views

(College Student) Have you ever heard of TRiO at your school? Tell me about your experience with it?

#college #college-advice #graduate-school #TRiO #support

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Eboni Feb 18, 2022 215 views

(College Student) Do you use any of the student support services from your school? Which one has been the most helpful towards your success? And in what ways can student support programs be more helpful?

#studentsupport #TRiOstudentservices #financialaid #academicadvisor #college #student

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 18, 2022 397 views

Are you a full-time or part-time college student?

What made you decide you wanted to go to school either part-time or full-time?
#college #university #communitycollege

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Eboni Feb 04, 2022 240 views

Would having a class specific in teaching how to find and utilize resources to benefit the discovery of your career interests be benefitical for college students?

At some point in our lives, we become lost and uncertain about what to do with the rest of our life. Many of us go to college not knowing what we want to major in or what we want to do after we graduate. So, a class that helps students learn more about themselves in a way where it brings out...

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 04, 2022 328 views

How can college student support programs adapt to overcome the changes of the pandemic?

As we are in a pandemic, students who are still enrolled are in need of support now more than ever. Support programs need to reach out and help as many students as they can beyond their offices. #studentsupport #counseling #academicadvice

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