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Career Questions tagged Wildlife Conservation

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Feb 07 115 views

What is a good paying job that involves being outdoors and nature?

I like to be outdoors using stuff in nature. I also enjoy building stuff. I invest a lot of time doing stuff outdoors and in nature and know a lot about nature.

Xander’s Avatar
Xander Nov 03, 2022 323 views

What would be the best Major and Minor to have in college if I wanted to be a Game Warden in the future??

I live in Nebraska and was wondering what the best steps to take in the future are.

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Mar 02, 2022 346 views

What does a daily schedule look like as a conservation officer?

I am interested in becoming a conservation officer

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Apr 08, 2018 638 views

What careers in biology will allow me to travel often?

I have always been interested in and enjoyed traveling, and would like to pursue a career in conservation or wildlife biology. What careers in that field, if any would involve frequent traveling? #conservation #nature-conservation #wildlife-conservation #wildlife-conservation...

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Mar 24, 2018 2330 views

Should I consider changing my wildlife/conservation biology major if I am bad at math?

I want to pursue a degree in conservation biology or wildlife biology, and have been told by previous professionals that I should keep my grades up in science math classes. While I enjoy and excel in my science classes, I am not as good at math. I am able to maintain an A or high B in all math...

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Mar 24, 2018 826 views

What jobs can I apply for with a degree in conservation biology?

I previously wanted a degree in wildlife biology, but after I further explored my interests I became more intrigued with the conservation aspects of biology rather than the scientific aspect. It's also come to my attention that Conservation Biology is a fairly knew major, and I was wondering...

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Jan 24, 2018 655 views

What can I do in high school to prepare for a career in wildlife biology?

I want to pursue a career in wildlife biology or conservation biology. At my school, there are extensive programs to prepare students for a career in the medical services, and engineering. There's classes for theatre and visual arts, as well as other performing arts programs, however there does...

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Jan 17, 2018 1525 views

What does it take to become a wildlife rehabilitator?

Helping and conserving wildlife is an interest of mine. What major or classes should I look at to become one? #wildlife-rehablilitation #wildlife-conservation #wildlife-biology #biology

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Jan 17, 2018 512 views

What happens in a typical day for the Department of Conservation?

I'm interested in working for my state's Department of Conservation, but I don't really know what their average day looks like. #conservation #wildlife-conservation #biology #nature-conservation #wildlife-conservation

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Jan 16, 2018 567 views

What type of employment can I obtain with a B.S. in #wildlife conservation/environmental science#?

#Environmental science# and wildlife conservation are what I will major in while in college. #environmental-science #biology #ecology #wildlife-conservation

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Jan 16, 2018 491 views

How can I gain experience in wildlife conservation?

I want to major in #wildlife conservation# in college. #wildlife-conservation #zoology #biology

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Sep 02, 2017 639 views

What is the best method for getting a job in a zoo or wildlife rehabilitation center?

I have always been interested in wildlife and plan on being open to either option once I receive a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences at Washington State University. So far this is just a plan but I will be applying for their spring semester which begins this January. I guess...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Aug 31, 2017 643 views

What are some career options that involve wildlife preservation or forestry?

I am extremely interested in Wildlife and Forestry. I want to study something along those lines for my major. But when it comes down to it, what kind of jobs are available under a degree along those lines? What options do I have in the State of Utah? #wildlife-conservation...

Fazil’s Avatar
Fazil Jun 20, 2016 973 views

What are the options available in India for photography?

Hi! I am a class 10 student, very much interested in Photography. #photography #wildlife-biology #wildlife-conservation

Yu-Wei’s Avatar
Yu-Wei May 20, 2016 783 views

Is it difficult to get in a job that involves environmental sciences or wildlife management?

I'm really into environmental sciences, but I worry that there will be limited job positions for me in this field. Can anyone point out if it's easy to find a job with these two topics, or should I go into research instead? #environmental-science #wildlife-conservation

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica May 14, 2016 642 views

How well can a wildlife veterinarian fit into wildlife conservation and education?

I like to think that teaching about nature and wildlife is the best way to get people to think of helping efforts to save them. While I don't want to be a teacher, myself, and prefer medicine to vague biology, I do want to help in similar ways to what they do. #veterinarian #veterinary...

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica May 14, 2016 781 views

What sorts of opportunities are out there for a wildlife veterinarian, or what kinds of similar careers can one find win a bachelors in zoology?

I am going to college and majoring in zoology, but find it a major with low access to specialized scholarships and less recognized than biology. However I know it's probably better for becoming a wildlife veterinarian, as I am planning on. I have thought about the possibility for working with...

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 01, 2015 1003 views

Are there college courses that I can take for becoming a Game Warden?

I am very interested in what type of education I will need to become a Game Warden. #law #police #wildlife-biology #fishing #wildlife-conservation #nature

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 01, 2015 1590 views

What type of education do I need to have to become a game warden?

Hi, I'm Trevor. I'm a high school senior and I'm interested in being a game warden. Thanks for your help. #environment #hunting #fishing #wildlife #wildlife-conservation #fisheries-science