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What type of education do I need to have to become a game warden?

Asked Ocklawaha, Florida

Hi, I'm Trevor. I'm a high school senior and I'm interested in being a game warden. Thanks for your help. #environment #hunting #fishing #wildlife #wildlife-conservation #fisheries-science

3 answers

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas


Hi, I found this link for you...it has a lot of information about Game Warden/Wildlife Officer careers. Referred to in some states as conservation officers or wildlife officers, game wardens typically serve state and federal agencies as commissioned law enforcement personnel tasked with everything from monitoring and managing wildlife populations to tracking and apprehending poachers.

State game wardens are employed through each state’s fish, parks and wildlife department, while federal game wardens are employed as special agents with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency within the Department of the Interior.

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Thanks for the information and the links this will help me out a lot.
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Robert’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Hi Trevor, As other posters have said, the requirements vary across the nation. I would take a look at where you want to work and look at the specific requirement for the agency. Every agency has a website with recruiting information including the minimum requirements. Generally, the minimum requirements may not make you competitive. It's a good idea to look at a 4 year degree in a biological science major (Wildlife, fisheries, etc). This will not only make you more competitive but it will be better for your career in the long run. Also look for seasonal or volunteer opportunities. There is no substitute for relevant experience when it comes to competing for a job. I'm glad you are considering the career of a game warden. It is a very rewarding career and a really fun job!

Thanks for the the info. I really appreciate the information that you have given me.

Janine’s Answer

Updated Salt Lake City, Utah

Look into what the agency you want to work for requires - some may only want a 2 year degree with a lot of internships or work experience while others want a 4 year degree. Some areas of study to consider are wildlife or fisheries management, forestry, conservation biology, soil biology, environmental science, or ecology. Consider volunteering at a local state or national park or nature center and ask the staff and rangers what type of education they have and where they went to school; they may have some great leads on not only traditional education but also internships and other programs to further your studies,

Thank you for the responding back to me. I really appreciate all you did for me. Thanks again.