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Janine Kafouros Bartling

Rocky Shores Primary Relief Keeper -at Utah's Hogle Zoo
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Daniel May 07, 2019 495 views

What can a zoologist do to improve themselves

#wildlife #biology

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Luke Apr 16, 2018 2426 views

if two employees were too fight would the both be in trouble of just the one who caused the fight

writing a paper on successful employees. #construction #human-resources #employment #conflict-resolution #policy #company-policy

Javier’s Avatar
Javier Aug 02, 2018 882 views

Need help deciding

I have no idea what to do after college. I debated on whether to be a zoologist and study animals in their natural habitats or be a wildlife conservationist and help endangered animals by working at a rehabilitation center or something. Any advice on which to pick like pros and cons ? thanks...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 18, 2018 951 views

What education is needed to become a marine biologist?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

Pricilla’s Avatar
Pricilla Mar 05, 2018 1332 views

What can I do with a bachelors in biology? I can really use some help

Hey guys, I am here seeking for advise. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelors in biology and now I don’t know what to do. I originally planned on going to med school but soon found out that school is not for me. - I have a 2.7 gpa. For the past two years, I’ve been doing little jobs but nothing...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 16, 2018 1011 views

Will I need to continue my education beyond a bachelor's degree in order to be successful in the Animal Behavior field?

I want to pursue a career in animal behavior, do you think I will need to continue my education beyond a bachelor's degree in order to be successful?

#animal-behavior #career-counseling

krystine’s Avatar
krystine May 14, 2016 2263 views

What is the most interesting part about being a marine biologist?

I am currently majoring in M.Bio, and I want a job and career that is interesting and exciting, and not a boring job on repeat for the rest of my life #biology #marine-biology #animals #oceanography

Trey’s Avatar
Trey Jan 04, 2017 825 views

Does being a research university actually hurt the quality of a university?

Wouldn't this mean the professors are more focused on their research then teaching? #college #research

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 837 views

How could Marine Biology be used in the entertainment industry? What other degrees could I combine with Marine Biology to get into an Aquarium with animal shows, like Moody Gardens or Sea World?

I've always loved aquariums and I've always loved shows, like shark feedings and orca shows. I was wondering what degrees could help me land employment with an aquarium who hosts these types of shows. #biology #marine-biology #entertainment #marine-mammals #aquarium #movie-theatres

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 859 views

What prerequisites are required to go into a Marine Biology-Entertainment field, like a show animal trainer?

Marine biology has always been a part of me, I've always loved it. I find it amazing that we can train dolphins and orcas and use that training to educate people on growing concerns for these beautiful animals. #marine-biology #entertainment #marine-mammals #mammal-training

Camille’s Avatar
Camille Oct 31, 2016 926 views

Is it hard to find a job in the field of marine biology?

It is a dream to be one, but I want to know if it could possibly be a reality. #biology #professional #marine

Mikenna’s Avatar
Mikenna Oct 21, 2016 2971 views

What is it called when people work with exotic animals?

I'm considering the fact that I want to work with animals from exotic places but don't know where to look or start. #veterinary #veterans

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Archived May 28, 2016 977 views

Any tips for an incoming college freshman student whose majoring in biology?

I'm currently stressing at the moment because I'm weak at chemistry so it worries me for it could be an obstacle for me to get my biology degree. #college #biology #school #chemistry #freshman

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 19, 2016 1370 views

What are the best areas to study to become a marine mammal trainer?

There really aren't any colleges that offer this. #marine-mammals

ariadna’s Avatar
ariadna May 26, 2016 851 views

marine biology

what do i major in if i want to study marine biology? #biology #major #marine