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What can a zoologist do to improve themselves

Asked Redwood City, California

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Kelly’s Answer

Updated Kwale County, Kwale County

Hi there, I definitely agree to the advice provided in the previous response, I also think it is incredibly vital to gain experience, if you are unsure what interests you (Research, Captive Care, Conservation etc), then look at gaining volunteer experience in several areas. If you know which area you want to focus on then go and find experience. It is important to have this, for both your own personal growth but also will make you more attractive to employees. I personally volunteered for approximately 2.5 years before actually getting a paid job, it also gae me a wealth of experience and understanding how it works on the ground and helped me find my focus and passion. Also network, my area (primatology) is actually rather small and who you know certainly has its benefits and people are more likely to hire someone they know and have worked with previously (or someone that has been recommended), it also is good for knowledge sharing.

Janine’s Answer

Updated Salt Lake City, Utah

Zoologists (like all scientists) are constantly learning. It does not matter what niche of zoology you are interested in - it may be research, working in a zoo, aquarium, or in the field, or with a conservation organization - but you will be reading and finding out what the new research is, finding out what impacts your target species/ ecosystems, or what new methods are happening in research.