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Career Questions tagged Marine Mammals

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jul 10, 2018 491 views

Are there any more grants available other than government issued grants?

#college-major #biomedical #marine #environment #physics #marine-mammals #scholarships #financial-aid

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Megan Mar 29, 2017 940 views

What is a typical work day as a Marine Biologist like?

There are many different careers you can pursue with a degree in Marine Biology. A day on the job can differ depending on what your career is. #marine-biology #wildlife-biology #marine-mammals

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 586 views

What prerequisites are required to go into a Marine Biology-Entertainment field, like a show animal trainer?

Marine biology has always been a part of me, I've always loved it. I find it amazing that we can train dolphins and orcas and use that training to educate people on growing concerns for these beautiful animals. #marine-biology #entertainment #marine-mammals #mammal-training

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 617 views

How could Marine Biology be used in the entertainment industry? What other degrees could I combine with Marine Biology to get into an Aquarium with animal shows, like Moody Gardens or Sea World?

I've always loved aquariums and I've always loved shows, like shark feedings and orca shows. I was wondering what degrees could help me land employment with an aquarium who hosts these types of shows. #biology #marine-biology #entertainment #marine-mammals #aquarium #movie-theatres

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 695 views

What entails an average day for a marine biologist?

I really like marine biology and I plan on going into the field, so I was wondering what is was like for the professionals. #biology #marine-biology #marine-mammals

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Oct 19, 2016 586 views

Is it best to move to the east coast to find more experience for the job I want?

Since I want to help more exotic animals, should I move to the east coast to possibly get experience helping ocean life and mammals that live in the area? #veterinary #marine-biology #animal-health #marine-mammals #animal-conservation

Darby’s Avatar
Darby May 27, 2016 726 views

Would a marine biology degree or a marine ecology degree be more beneficial to an aspiring marine biologist?

I want to become a marine biologist. I will be attending Western Washington University. From what I understand, marine ecology tends to be an easier degree to attain, so I planned to get a marine biology degree with the biology department. My dilemma is that Huxley College of the Environment...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 19, 2016 898 views

What are the best areas to study to become a marine mammal trainer?

There really aren't any colleges that offer this. #marine-mammals

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 19, 2016 597 views

I want to become a Marine Biologist, maybe even do mammal training. The university I want to attend only offers a Biology undergraduate degree. Should I go for a minor in marine science and maybe even a second minor in psychology?

I know mammal training is a highly competitive field and I want to enhance the possibilities of getting a job when I graduate. #marine-mammals

Maya’s Avatar
Maya May 04, 2016 813 views

How competitive is the job market for marine science?

I am going to be majoring in marine science starting fall of 2016 and I was wondering how competitive I would have to be to get job offers or internships. #marine-biology #oceanography #marine-mammals #ocean-conservation

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Dec 16, 2014 953 views

What are some classes i can take at a community college to help me prepare myself for a four year college and major in Marine Biology?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to find out information regarding Marine Biology and what classes to take. I will most likely be going to a community college to start off and I am curious if there are any classes I can take to get a feel for the world of Marine Biology....

Dhakiya’s Avatar
Dhakiya Dec 01, 2014 795 views

What colleges in the West coast are well rounded?

I'm a Junior starting to seek out colleges before I get to my Senior year in order to make the transition and decision process smoother. I have been searching for colleges in the West coast, specifically located at least close to or in the city that provide Science Majors like Marine Biology,...