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What are some classes i can take at a community college to help me prepare myself for a four year college and major in Marine Biology?

Asked Northfield, Minnesota

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to find out information regarding Marine Biology and what classes to take. I will most likely be going to a community college to start off and I am curious if there are any classes I can take to get a feel for the world of Marine Biology. #marine-biology #oceanography #marine-mammals

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Janine’s Answer

Updated Salt Lake City, Utah

Any classes in biology, zoology, chemistry, ecology, or related topics can give you a feel for marine biology, depending on what topics in marine biology you are interested in, Depending on the community college you are attending they may even offer introductory classes in marine biology or ecology. There will be many classes that you will need to take in the study of marine biology that are not science - general education credits that will go to your major, math classes, history, and even a minor if that is something you wish to pursue. Even though you are thinking of going to community college at first, you may be looking into transferring to a four year university. Look at the classes that would be required to transfer as a starting point for what classes you need; many states have transfer agreements between the community colleges and state universities.