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How competitive is the job market for marine science?

Asked San Rafael, California

I am going to be majoring in marine science starting fall of 2016 and I was wondering how competitive I would have to be to get job offers or internships. #marine-biology #oceanography #marine-mammals #ocean-conservation

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Cassandra’s Answer

The job market is one of those tricky ones. Post-graduation, many places which say they are entry level want someone with at least 2-5 years experience or a Master's degree with 1 year experience. During college, whichever school you are going to should be able to help find an internship or small job to help make a little money. Many internships are not paid and many don't outright say you need GIS (Geographic Information System) training (Surprise a lot of companies want that). The field itself is competitive due to the small, but growing numbers of people majoring and sticking with the degree. Many jobs are centered around government work and contracts which require boating and scuba certifications. But if you are determined enough, volunteer work can land you a job if you stick with it and make the connections. You might not start off in a job with your major, but you can end up with it. #marine-biology #oceanography #job-search