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Are there any more grants available other than government issued grants?

Updated Easton, Pennsylvania

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Tanya’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

This is a great question! Thanks for asking!

You said the word "grant" -- but if it's alright with you, I'm going to take that to mean, "Any money that I can get for college that I don't have to pay back." That can include grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

There are so many! One place to look is professional societies. For example:

The American Association of University Woman offers a curated website of local US scholarships that you can find near you. Check it out at: 

https://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/local-scholarships/. It looks like their Aurora, CO chapter offers an undergraduate scholarship. Here's a link! https://aurora-co.aauw.net/scholarship/

If you are looking at a particular kind of major, choose the professional society that matches your major of interest. For example the Association for Women in Math offers a curated page of resources for undergraduates at: https://awm-math.org/resources/undergraduates/.

Tanya recommends the following next steps:

  • There's a really amazing list of funding opportunities at: http://www.grantsforwomen.org/p/opportunities-grants-for-women-ab.html. Find some that describe you and your interests and apply!

Yonatan’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Absolutely. Many private organizations offer grants. It's extremely important to sit down and see what is available to you to apply to. A lot of grants will require some sort of essay or something else showing that you're really serious about applying their money to your education.

Many of these grants are specific to your major. I see that you marked 'physics' in the question and there are definitely grants for women in STEM.

Don't be afraid to leverage whatever you have available to you to get the most from these grants. I was able to leverage some non-traditional student (I was 22, I think, when I went to a 4 year undergrad) grants to make life a bit easier. The main thing to do is identify everything you qualify for any apply. Hustle hard and there's a good chance that you can take a major chunk out of your undergrad expenses.

In addition, some colleges will offer grants to students with high GPA.

Daphne’s Answer

Updated Fort Collins, Colorado

My daughter received a non-government grant from a private university. I believe many private universities offer grants.

Absolutely! I'm so glad you're asking this question and have an interest in attending college without incurring much debt. There are many different grant "free college" money opportunities from private groups, universities, and the government. One good resource to use is to ask your school counselors, college counselors, do a google search. But some examples are private organizations like sororities and fraternities, churches, private scholarships that someone has created. Some of these are race-based; some are based on financial need;others depend on your affiliation with certain organizations. I received a number of these grants when I was attending college (in addition to federal grants) and they helped me attend and graduate with minimal debt. Good luck!