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Quang N. May 25, 2016 328 views

How a PURE mathematician makes money?

I want to have a deeper visual about the life of a PURE mathematician such as how long will they spend time at the workforce? which things that they have to do? If they do not have any idea how to solve the problem they are pursuing, what can they do to make money during that period? Thanks....

#mathematics #finance #college #career

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Garrett B. Oct 30, 2016 378 views

I am curious about the relationship between mathmatics and sciences.

In order to become a theoretical physicist would I be on a path similar to an engineer or is there a more similar path to compare to or is there nothing at all?...


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Kiera W. May 04 66 views

Is software development a good career move for me?

My major is computer science and I wants to be a software developer....


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Jaheim S. May 06 127 views
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Oscar V. May 07 52 views