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What is the highest education can you get for an entrepreneur?

Asked Redwood City, California

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Nate’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon
The beauty of entrepreneurship is how flexible an opportunity it provides, it's exciting to see that you are interested in building your own business! There are successful entrepreneurs who have very low levels of education, and others who have spent decades learning in a formal setting. While formal education is often a valuable aspect of success, it is not the only important factor. The highest level of education would be a combination of formal education, such as a Masters of Doctoral degree, as well as real-world experience in the industry where you want to build your business.

Mark’s Answer


PHD. Also know as a doctorate.

Yonatan’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

As others have said, you can reach any level of education that you desire. However, a Masters in Business Administration is typical for an entrepreneur. Undergraduate studies in whatever field you want to be an entrepreneur in (music, sports medicine, software, etc) and then a masters in business will give you the tools you need to get businesspeople to listen to you and, more importantly, invest in you. You'll learn how to create business plans and talk to investors, read markets and make pitches.

James’s Answer

Updated Euless, Texas

As an entrepreneur you can attain any level of education you want. There are tons of examples successful entrepreneurs that don’t have any formal education. The one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is there ability to identify a problem and find a creative and unique solution to that problem.