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Portland, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
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Crystal M. Jan 11 145 views
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Emily M. Oct 12, 2021 125 views

How do I get started in the Emergency Management field?

I am a current undergraduate at North Dakota State University, living in Hillsboro, OR. I am studying emergency management and biological sciences, and am currently involved with the red cross as a recovery specialist and emergency management government liaison. I am incredibly interested in...

tsunami emergencymanagement disastermanagement disasterrelief internship research healthcare

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Terrence M. Aug 13, 2019 372 views

do you have to go to college to become a sheriff?

I have always wanted to be a police officer, fire man or a sheriff science I was a kid. law-enforcement police...

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Po S. Jan 27, 2018 353 views

What if I have two majors in mind for college and decide to switch later on?

Say I have two career choices and I go with the first one but don't enjoy it, how would I change to my second major and what if it's not offer at my current university? majors change classes...


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Michelle T. Mar 28, 2017 975 views

How do I prepare for interview for an Intership?

I am a junior in college have been applying to summer internships and recently heard back from one that I am very interested in. They want to schedule an interview. I have never had an internship and while I am not under qualified, I'm sure there will be applicants with more experience. That...

career interviews summer-internship college career-path interviewing-skills internships confidence

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Leilu W. Feb 25, 2020 368 views

How do you find a college with a highly specific major that's a good fit?

I've been having trouble finding colleges with a paleontology program that fit me as a person college college-advice college-major college-selection major...


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Alexis J. Nov 02, 2021 71 views

What's work life like in a Mortuary?

I'm trying to learn more about work life in a Mortuary as I want to become a Mortician in a few years. Does the work ever become mentally taxing? What are some skills you never thought would be useful in the field but ended up helping you out in the long run? mortuary mortuary-sciences...

embalming funeral-home funeral-director mortician

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Sabrina S. Jun 04, 2016 746 views

Should I choose an obscure major for Physical Therapy school or stick with Exercise Science?

I am going to be a first year undergraduate student in the fall at Pacific University Oregon. The most popular majors are the health sciences and I am planning on majoring in Exercise Science. However, I know it is very difficult to get into Doctor of Physical Therapy school after I graduate...

kinesiology physical physical-therapist exercise-physiology exercise-science physical-therapy therapy

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Christina S. Nov 18, 2020 140 views

How does the Peace Corps further a future teacher's career?

I'm a university student currently working towards obtaining a Major in History and social studies endorsement, as well as a Master's in Teaching. Ultimately I would like to teach high school students courses like political science, history, and the sort (Particularly AP courses). However, I...

givingiscaring teacher peacecorps

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Miguel A. Oct 29, 2021 77 views

how many hours do you usually work in cement masonry

working cement masonry its not like working in a store because youre always moving around job...


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Emily A. Jan 21, 2017 493 views

What are some tips for finding a summer job?

What should college students do and not do if they're looking for something to support themselves over the summer? college...


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bryant B. Jan 16, 2018 433 views

What are some important tips for starting a family early in your career?

If you would like to start a family but are fairly new in your career, what would be some actions take to ensure you would be able to accomplish both without affecting each other. Also, how do you decide on where to live with the new family. family career work-life-balance...


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Miranda R. Jan 17, 2018 451 views
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Seamus B. Apr 18, 2019 294 views

What other strategies can I use to pay for college?

I want to study environmental science, Japanese, and music in college. I want to go to a small liberal arts college so I will have the flexibility to study all three, but I'm struggling to come up with the funds. I've been applying for lots of scholarships, but so far not striking gold. What...

college-advice scholarship financial-aid college money

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Vlad V. May 21, 2016 1448 views

How does a student interested in engineering find a shadow position?

I'm a dual credit high-school/college student looking to major in electrical engineering. I am not 90% that this would be the best card for me to play, so I'm attempting to figure out if I am suited to go into this field. All of my academic scores, personality tests, and interests seem to...

work-shadowing electrical-engineer career-choice engineer

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Brandie B. Nov 30, 2018 361 views
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bryant B. Jan 16, 2018 545 views

What is the best way for long and short terms saving for new adults?

how should we prepare our self so that we can be financially stable as possible thru out our lives? Also if tragedy strikes how to combat it head-on. money-management money savings...


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Aaron K. Mar 12, 2019 301 views

How can I get a job in marketing?

I'm interested in...


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Bao-Truc T. Aug 01, 2020 602 views

How can I manage my finances in college?

I don't have any financial knowledge on how I should be handling my money in college and I am not able to rely on my parents or ask them for help on such things. JULY20 collegestudent finances...


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olive P. Jul 26, 2020 543 views

What category of volunteer work is best for someone who is interested in studying law?

Volunteering is really important to me, before COVID I was volunteering every week through an organization for children and families facing magical challenges. I am still doing projects and teaching through Zoom with them but I am also really interested in adding another volunteer opportunity...

students career law covid lawyers student volunteer volunteering

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Alastaire A. May 03, 2017 618 views

can i interview someone who does programming for a living

Because i am doing a a research paper on this career...


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Miranda R. Jan 17, 2018 471 views

What is an advantage to living on-campus rather than at home?

Deciding whether to spend extra money to live on campus or not. college-decisions college housing student-housing finance...


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Heather S. Oct 14, 2019 353 views

I want to get a job or volunteer to help end sex trafficking

I am one class away from my bachelors degree. I am 43 years old. My major is sociology from Portland State University. I am a mother of four and also a grandmother. My passion is to work or volunteer in a position to facilitate an end to sex trafficking and/or to help victims that have been...

college career-choice job

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Alanna S. May 07, 2016 538 views

How would I build a career in International Affairs?

I am planning on majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Korean and I was wondering if all International Affair jobs are government positions. Would I have to work for the U.S government or could I work for the South Korean government? Does it have to involve government or could it be...

government international-affairs

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Claire N. Oct 07, 2017 772 views

How do I dress for an intern interview?

I am interviewing for a position as an intern for a member of Congress, but I'm unsure of how formally I should dress and what I should wear. government intern interview interview-clothing...