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Tanner C. Aug 25, 2018 152 views

What are the best scholarship search pages. I keep finding ones that just direct me to survey sites or want money

I keep finding sites that lead to surveys or they want money for you to apply to all they scholarships they "find". #searchscholarships...


Emily A.’s Avatar
Emily A. Jan 21, 2017 386 views

How do you stay on task while working?

What are some tips to avoid procrastinating, losing concentration, and becoming burnt out? #college #graduate-school...


olive P.’s Avatar
olive P. Jul 27, 2020 318 views

What is the best age to start making a physical resume?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am realizing that it may be a good idea to start creating a resume and wondering if I should, and if so what is the best kind of thing to put on it? #high-school #education #resume #student...

Alex S.’s Avatar
Alex S. Sep 18, 2019 310 views

How Does One Keep Their Computer Technology Skills And Knowledge Up To Date?

Hello, my name is Alex - and I'm hoping to land a job in the Tech field after I graduate from Job Corps after my 8-12 months in trade. One thing that concerns me is how quickly computers and the pieces within them can out pace their predecessors, and how fast 'bleeding edge' can fall behind....

#tech #technology

Aaron K.’s Avatar
Aaron K. Mar 12, 2019 194 views
Seamus B.’s Avatar
Seamus B. Apr 18, 2019 216 views

What other strategies can I use to pay for college?

I want to study environmental science, Japanese, and music in college. I want to go to a small liberal arts college so I will have the flexibility to study all three, but I'm struggling to come up with the funds. I've been applying for lots of scholarships, but so far not striking gold. What...

#college-advice #scholarship #college #financial-aid #money

Matthew B.’s Avatar
Matthew B. May 27, 2016 753 views

what are some of the best universities for mechanical engineering?

my interest in my major has shifted and I would like to get a grasp for what the best colleges that produce some of the highest number of eployed graduates in their field of study are. I am beginning research and would like outside opinions as well. #engineering...


Christina S.’s Avatar
Christina S. Nov 18, 2020 63 views

How does the Peace Corps further a future teacher's career?

I'm a university student currently working towards obtaining a Major in History and social studies endorsement, as well as a Master's in Teaching. Ultimately I would like to teach high school students courses like political science, history, and the sort (Particularly AP courses). However, I...

#peacecorps #teacher #givingiscaring

Elizabeth T.’s Avatar
Elizabeth T. Aug 13, 2018 215 views

What are good programs for healthcare providers?

Good programs in Portland State University and Oregon Health and Science University. I want to become a Pediatrician, so I would like to have more experience in a University or in a hospital. #health #professors #pediatrician #healthcare...


Sadie K.’s Avatar
Sadie K. Jul 08, 2018 451 views

How do I chose what university to attend?

How do I decide between following my dreams of studying on the east coast, or staying on the west coast with my family?...


bryant B.’s Avatar
bryant B. Jan 16, 2018 332 views

What are some important tips for starting a family early in your career?

If you would like to start a family but are fairly new in your career, what would be some actions take to ensure you would be able to accomplish both without affecting each other. Also, how do you decide on where to live with the new family. #family #career #work-life-balance...


Leilu W.’s Avatar
Leilu W. Feb 25, 2020 309 views

How do I pursue my passion in the arts as a career?

I'm an art student who's willing to put in the hard work to get where I want to be, where I want to be is able to live off of my art. #art #artist #college...


Emel C.’s Avatar
Emel C. Mar 02 87 views

What do you know about the dynamical systems theory?

It seems interesting and I want to study a sociology or astronomy application of it. #mathematics #sociology #astronomy #astrophysics...


Carmen B.’s Avatar
Carmen B. Jan 16, 2018 223 views

How to pay for college

What is the best source of financing to pay for college beyond what you qualify for with government loans? #college #financial-aid #scholarships...


Rebecca B.’s Avatar
Rebecca B. Apr 24, 2018 349 views

How did you decide on a college major?

I am torn between different majors and I am feeling some doubt about my choice. I need some advice. #major...


bryant B.’s Avatar
bryant B. Jan 16, 2018 383 views

What is the best way for long and short terms saving for new adults?

how should we prepare our self so that we can be financially stable as possible thru out our lives? Also if tragedy strikes how to combat it head-on. #money-management #money #savings...


Bella D.’s Avatar
Bella D. Jan 20, 2018 340 views

How do I not get bored in life?

I am so scared of becoming bored of my job, location, or set path in life and not enjoying what I do. How do I find something that is invigorating and always changes? #life...


Lauren C.’s Avatar
Lauren C. Dec 09, 2020 247 views
Adrienne N.’s Avatar
Adrienne N. Jan 16, 2018 292 views

LPN or RN?

Looking at different nursing programs for my future, what is the difference between a LPN/LVN and a RN? Would it be better to start with a LPN or go straight for RN? #nursing #registered-nursing...


Tara S.’s Avatar
Tara S. Jul 20, 2020 157 views

How did you choose your field of healthcare?

Hi! I'm wondering how you chose what field of healthcare to get into and the things you like the most and dislike the most about it. Thank you! #medicine #healthcare #field...


olive P.’s Avatar
olive P. Jul 27, 2020 389 views

How do you “sell yourself” without sounding arrogant in an interview or application?

I normally have plenty of accomplishments that can fit “experience” or what ever it is being asked. But I always have a hard time listing them because I absolutely hate bragging. #interviews #interviewing-skills #student #high-school...


XI Y.’s Avatar
XI Y. Jul 18, 2019 164 views

What kind of job I can get after I graduate from computer science PHD

I change my major from Management Information System to computer science .I have no idea what job can I get in the future. My research direction is wireless network. #computer-science...


Bronwyn G.’s Avatar
Bronwyn G. Oct 30, 2016 648 views

How do I pursue a career in both business management and engineering?

I am currently the Business Mangement leader of my high school FRC team. In the near future, I hope to pursue a career in both business and engineering. However, I am unaware of what types of degrees might cover something like this. What type of degree is closest to this and are there any types...

#business #career #mechanical-engineering #career-counseling #engineering

Sabina V.’s Avatar
Sabina V. Mar 05, 2019 506 views

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