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Bryan May 31, 2019 478 views

Is it better to work at a smaller Managed Healthcare company or at a larger Managed Healthcare company like United Health Group for chances to be promoted to CTO after awhile?

#healthcare #technology

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Bryan May 04, 2019 809 views

What exactly should I do to learn "languages including.NET, Angular,Java, HTML, R, Python, SQL databases, querying languages, Business intelligence platforms, automation tools, software testing tools, and machine learning techniques"?

Any coding books or websites you reccomend? Or are there other ways to learn these skills? #programming #computer science #stem #technology #tech #software #software-engineering #information-technology- and- services

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Bryan Apr 23, 2019 527 views

What kind of college courses in a liberal arts setting should I be taking if I want to be CTO for a health plan, health system, or third party adminstrator someday?

Aside from the obivous courses in computer science and economics and manegment, what other courses should I take to become a more well rounded/versed contender? #college #technology #computer-science #career #healthcare

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Bryan Oct 31, 2018 1133 views

What can I do to stay connected with people I meet during internships and networking events and how?

#internship #networking #career #human-resources

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Bryan Oct 31, 2018 928 views

During networking events, what questions can I ask to build meaningful relationships that also keep conversations going for along time?

In a general context, however what would be examples of questions to ask Healthcare IT professionals that can help you learn more about thier department and why they do what they do?
#human-resources #interviews #business

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Bryan Oct 31, 2018 541 views

What should I get certified in as an undergraduate student to tackle challenging projects in a Healthcare IT internship?

#internship #healthcare