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What can I do to stay connected with people I meet during internships and networking events and how?

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Katelin’s Answer


I love this question. I think you got a lot of good advice around setting calendar reminders for regular check-ins over email and connecting over LinkedIn.

If you will be in the same locations as your co-workers, I'd recommend going a step further and meeting up for coffee every few months. Sometimes meeting face to face gets us out of everyday distractions and can be more memorable than an email.

On LinkedIn, writing posts and sharing articles is another great way to update others. For example, you may pose a question about an article you read or share an update about recent community service event.

Lastly, spend some time preparing for these interactions. Think of specific questions you could use an outside opinion so you use their time effectively. Make it a two-way relationship; look areas you are an expert or have a unique perspective.

Sarah’s Answer


Networking is a fancy word for relationship building. With that in mind I think you also need to think about quality over quantity of people you want to stay connected with and build relationships with.

Curating a list of people you genuinely want to keep in touch with will help. Connecting on LinkedIn is helpful and I do like the idea of reminders.

You can also keep in touch more organically. My mentor from college and I are still in touch and although we're not super close or in touch frequently we send each other occasional messages to check in. This is the same with previous bosses who have since referred me to other companies and helped me get hired elsewhere.

Sometimes a message and building relationships over time can be super simple over text, email or LinkedIn to say "I was in Starbucks today and someone ordered 3 pumps of vanilla in their coffee. It made me think of you ;-) How are you doing? Hope all is well" OR "I just booked a trip to X location and I remembered you visited a couple of years ago. How are you doing? Hope all is well" OR "I read this article and it made me think of our conversation at the X conference. HYPERLINK. How are you doing? Hope all is well"

This is far more organic and thoughtful than a quarterly update on your own progress and shows you value the person and their uniqueness and not their position.

Sarah recommends the following next steps:

  • Reach out to folk as you think of them.

Allison’s Answer


I would also try to make it a habit to create reoccurring events in your calendar reminding you to check in with people. I think quarterly is a great time frame.

Charmaine’s Answer


Along with all the other awesome advice, send follow up emails after the initial meeting thanking them for their time. It shows you are genuine & also helps to put a name with a face for future contacts. Great question & good luck on your future endeavors!

Pepper’s Answer


Social media is an excellent tool to stay connected without appearing needy, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIN is your online resume essentially--your posts should be professional. Twitter is used often in business, and a nice mix of professional and personal posts is what I suggest. So never use Twitter to vent; instead, use your social media positively conveying good things--the image you want the public (and potential intern opportunities) to see. I like to post about my children and dog Yogi, especially since our governor's dog has his own Twitter account.

Pepper recommends the following next steps:

  • If you don't have LinkedIn and Twitter, sign up!

Montressa’s Answer


Be sure to gather emails and frequently check in with them. Also LinkedIn. Make sure that you make an awesome impression on the people there so they will want to ask you back or even give you the job.

Katie’s Answer


I second the LinkedIn account. I also think just emailing folks with an update on where you are in your career and just checking in with them. I would do a generic email, but if you have connected with these folks there is no reason that you can't just check in with them and email them every now and again. I love hearing from my interns about what they ended up doing with their careers. A phone call is nice too, but I think an email is easier for a busy person to answer. Good luck!

I agree that Linkedin is a great resource. It helps to keep in contact with your colleagues through action such devoting extra time to observe additional duties or meetings in your field. You could also develop presentations and get feedback from your professional colleagues as well. You want them to think of you first when a permanent opportunity presents itself.

Megan’s Answer


LinkedIn is a great resource! Remember, your reputation is your resume, so it's always important to make an everlasting impression. You never know when a new opportunity will become available, and as they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to learn about new job opportunities and networking events! Utilize it to create your own professional brand, and to highlight and showcase your strengths!

Roger’s Answer


I would recommend opening a LinkedIn account. 

LinkedIn allows you to connect with business professionals, college students, and high school students who aspire to learn more about business, people, jobs and careers. 

The minimum age to open an account is 16. 

Go for it. 

LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with people you interact with during your internships, jobs, clubs, associations, and networking meetings. 

I already do this and some of the people I got to know don't check it frequently

claudia’s Answer


Today Social media is an excellent tool to stay connected - LinkedIn for professional posts. Many companies are using Linkedin for opportunities. So if you want to learn more about people and business is a great tool. 

Tiffany’s Answer


If they have provided their contact info (business card, email or phone number), I would reach out to them once a quarter to stay top of mind -- share what you've accomplished since you met with them last and ask them if they have any opportunities that could utilize your skill set.

Should I be that upfront to “ask them if they have any opportunities that could utilize my skill set?”
Hi Bryan. It doesn't hurt to ask if they could use your assistance on something. Maybe find a way to phrase it so that it feels comfortable to you.

Ritesh’s Answer


This is a great thing that you want to pick up. There's a saying, your net worth is your network. So, I would recommend using LinkedIn. Be sure, you interact with people personally and leave a good impression on them and then, send a LinkedIn invite when you are in contact with that person without delaying much. This will help them remember you. Keep interacting after your internship and maintain the bond.