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Bengaluru, KA
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Conor D. May 20, 2016 901 views
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Elton T. Feb 08, 2017 400 views

As a Engineer do you enjoy your job?

I am a high school student wanting to learn about this job...


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Ajha D. Apr 16, 2018 246 views

What would make you stand out in an interveiw ? (not including your attire)

I have been learning about how to dress and come prepared for an interview. Such as looking up how the company works, wear attire according to their business, and come prepared for questions that might throw you off or make you think. I want to know besides all that what would really make you...

#job-interview #standout

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Divyansh M. Apr 17, 2018 168 views

Which subject I should take In class 11th PCM or commerce.?

I am unable to decide that which subject i can choose . As i want to take Maths but my result is not that much good but i am also thinking of taking commerce....


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Ethan S. Aug 27, 2018 164 views
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abhishek R. Feb 27, 2019 96 views

I dont have college degree,i will get a job

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Eldon L. Mar 09, 2019 166 views

Why did you choose tech?

Tech is so new and coming. Why did you choose to go into the tech industry?...


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Eevie F. Mar 26, 2019 122 views
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Blake T. May 13, 2019 65 views

I want to know, How I could get a job

I want a job that is close to were I live and that pays well. I just want to make some money to have some. To go out with friends and have...