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Which subject I should take In class 11th PCM or commerce.?

I am unable to decide that which subject i can choose .
As i want to take Maths but my result is not that much good but i am also thinking of taking commerce.

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3 answers

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Sandeep’s Answer

Hi Divyansh, How are you? Again it depends on your interest. My father always wanted me to take Science however i was more interested in Commerce. So i took it, however i am working in IT and with engineers. I would suggest you, Science (PCM) has more career opportunities as compared to Commerce. For Commerce you can go for CA/CS later as well.

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Ritesh’s Answer

Hey Divyansh. If anyone tells you that one of the streams is better than the other, please don't listen to them. I have seen people doing great in both the fields and I have also seen people underperforming in both the fields. All of it depends on your field of interest. The more you like the field, the more you will feel like working in it. So, know what your interests and strengths are and then choose what subjects you want to take up.

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Harshita’s Answer

Well, It depends on your interest if you are more inclinded toward Science, Physics and Chemistry then PCM is the best option but if you have more intrested in Accounts, Buisness etc then go for Commerce.The idea is, you should be good at what you choose. As it will help to enhance your strength.

Harshita recommends the following next steps:

Analyse and introspect what you really like to study. It shouldn't feel like a burden. You should rather enjoy it.