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I dont have college degree,i will get a job

Asked Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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G. Mark’s Answer


There's something in the wind currently that you should be aware of. It's been popularized somewhat by TV personality, Mike Rowe. For years, folks have been told that to get a good job, you would absolutely need a college degree. Some students have enrolled in college with that assumption, even though college was really not appropriate for them. It may be that they aren't "scholastically gifted," but more likely, it's simply that their personalities were good matches for careers that don't require college degrees. It was a shame, because the world needs a lot of skilled crafts that are more readily gained outside college. And a lot of graduates came out of college with degrees in fields that have very little practical application or the access to a lot of jobs or job security.

Many skilled trades require intensive training to be good at them. The technical advancements in industries have resulted in production and services that are very demanding. In fact, there are very few products or services produced today that are not involving very complicated technologies. Car mechanics, electricians, plumbers, sales people in most areas... technical training from various technical schools provide an edge to the industrious.

If you don't, as Ned Flanders would say, "Don't much like workin', God Bless ya'" you'll probably not have much in the way of gainful employment. But if you're someone who loves to cook, loves to work on cars, loves to draw, loves to write.... you get the picture. A college degree is nice, but it is not necessary to excel in a whole host of fields.

So yes, you will get a job. Your assignment is to find out what you'll love and what you'll be good at. It doesn't need to start in a college. Many of the skills I have that I'm most proud of had nothing to do with anything I studied in school. And I use them everyday. And I've had jobs using them that I enjoyed tremendously.

Stephan’s Answer

Updated Dublin, County Dublin


Today companies are investing a lot of money in training and supporting their employees to do their job. Even if you do not have a degree, they will train you and give you any chances to make your way up.

Of course you will have to be patient and show a positive attitude at work, engage with the others and be willing to learn and consider anything you do in the company as a learning opportunity.

Sometimes companies are asking their staff to work on small projects then I would also advise to take this opportunity as a way to get more exposure within the company.

I have worked myself in the hospitality industry and I can assure you that I saw some very cool success stories.

Think about what you would like to do, check what industries you would like to work for and send your resume. Don't be discouraged by the rejections you may get, the more resumes you send the better the chances are to get called for an interview!

I hope this helps and best luck!

Stephan recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify your strengths and the industry you would like to work for
  • Create a list of possible companies you would like to work for
  • Make sure that your linkedin Profile is up to date
  • send your resume via linkedin or on the companies' carreer pages

Ritesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

College degree won't matter much if you have other means of proving your specific skill set and standing out of the crowd. Companies like Apple and Microsoft have repeatedly made it clear that they don't need people with a degree and without any skill set. So, sharpen your skills in whatever way you can and go out there, you will get a job.