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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Within 40 mile radius
Pranav G.’s Avatar
Pranav G. May 13 70 views

Starting a business

Where can I learn how to start a business? I am new to it and looking for a starting point.

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Mohammed S. Jun 22, 2016 646 views
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Mohammed F. Jun 22, 2016 2410 views

Can a person do master of science after pursuing BBA degree ?

Is MBA best after doing BBA or MS is best can u suggest me best ? #career #career-counseling #careers #masters #manager

Sheshank G.’s Avatar
Sheshank G. Jun 23, 2016 736 views

What is Bio-Medical Informatics.

need information for bio-medical informatics #biology #technology #information-technology #molecular-biology #information #biological-monitoring

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Vudara R. Oct 28, 2019 369 views
D A.’s Avatar
D A. May 23, 2016 2084 views
Aafia J.’s Avatar
Aafia J. Jun 28, 2016 835 views

My sister is studying in class 12. After this she want to get a degree in Bachelor in Nutrition. What are the career opportunities?

Hi I am a class 9 student. Here I have a question on behalf of my sister, who just completed her +12 with Bi.P.C. She wants to pursue her Degree in B.Sc. Nutrition. What is the scope of Nutrition? #nutrition #clinical-nutrition #medical-nutrition-therapy

Wasi S.’s Avatar
Wasi S. Jun 24, 2016 1128 views

How do you recommend I start my own small business?

I want to start a small scale business and need guidance.. how many workers would be needed for a packaging company? #business #entrepreneurship #social-worker #business-idea #small-business #e-business

m T.’s Avatar
m T. May 13, 2016 440 views
Mariya T.’s Avatar
Mariya T. Dec 19, 2021 235 views

How do I start a career in psychology after 10th grade??

I like helping people. I love how the human brain works. I wanna learn more about it and make a career for myself with my intrests. #india

Inaara B.’s Avatar
Inaara B. May 12, 2018 457 views

I am interested in psychology as well as in business management..But confused as what to choose for my UG program ...

Since grade 9th I have been a commerce student ...But before that only I was interested in business management and all...but now I also have interest in psychology because I think it's my thing ...Specially in child psychology ..But now I am so confused that I am not able to choose one course...

Rohit S.’s Avatar
Rohit S. Jun 20, 2016 864 views

What are the options in Journalism?

I am a class 10 student, want to work as a Journalist in future. #journalism #sports-journalism #online-journalism #science-journalism #long-form-journalism

Mani P.’s Avatar
Mani P. Oct 01, 2021 348 views

How to get a job in data science with no experience

How to get a job in data science with no experience #science #computer-science #job

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Samreen F. Jun 23, 2016 851 views
Yagna S.’s Avatar
Yagna S. Jun 24, 2016 921 views
Ruqiya U.’s Avatar
Ruqiya U. Jun 17, 2016 829 views
Vivek V.’s Avatar
Vivek V. Nov 10, 2021 196 views

How to become a robotic engineer by taking cse with AIML in ?

I want to know that how could I become a robotic engineer and I have choosen cse with AIML in what is the process and percentage of becoming a robotic engineer
#engineer #engineering #roboticengineer #scientist #technology #science #civil-engineering #technology

sravani G.’s Avatar
sravani G. Jun 18, 2021 258 views
Altaf Q.’s Avatar
Altaf Q. Jun 22, 2016 534 views
m S.’s Avatar
m S. May 27, 2016 40517 views

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