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Starting a business

Where can I learn how to start a business? I am new to it and looking for a starting point.

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5 answers

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Follow the below steps :-
• Conduct market research. Market research will tell you if there's an opportunity to turn your idea into a successful business.
• Write your business plan.
• Fund your business.
• Pick your business location.
• Choose a business structure.
• Choose your business name.
• Register your business
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Hannah’s Answer

Hi! I would suggest starting with the SBA's Young Entrepreneur Curriculum. It's online and free.
It will give a great overview of what you need to do to start a business, and then look for your local entrepreneur center. They'd surely love to connect!

Hannah recommends the following next steps:
Thank you comment icon I appreciate your support, Hannah Pranav
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Kafeelah’s Answer

To learn about business is not an issue. There are many free courses on business management and entrepreneurship online. Examples of these are futurelearn,
edx, coursera. There are other non profit organisations that offer training to business owners, or prospective entrepreneurs. However to start a business, you must know what problem you want solve, whom you are solving the problem for. There is a need to also research your solution market to know who have been solving the problem (competition) what are the gaps, underserved areas. Then you need to know at what price you will be offering your solution that your customers will be willing to pay.
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Mehak’s Answer

Hi Pranav,

Although online or any other certificate courses are a good way to start with your entrepreneurial career as they would help in setting up a strong foundation, I would suggest you to first evaluate what purpose would learning about entrepreneurship serve you. As can be guessed, you might want to set up your own business in the near future, so I would suggest,
1. Understand what you really want to build
2. Learn about the industry and the sub-sector that you want to get in
3. Read books about the people and the businesses in the industry so that you can understand the nitty-gritty of the operations
4. Network - By this, I do not mean that you should always aim to connect with the leaders in that sector. It could just be somebody in your own city. Just connecting or even working under them / shadowing them for a few weeks at the workplace for some time will really give you great insights about the types of decisions that are made, how everyday operations are run, contracts signed etc etc.
5. Start developing a step by step plan of your business as well side by side - It is okay if it does not turn out to be perfect in the first draft or if you do not have all the details in the first go. Just begin with the market research and then make progress over time

A few free courses which can be prove to be helpful,

Hope this helps!
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Shalini’s Answer

Hi Pranav
I know path of an entrepreneurship is confusing and its too much to take to starts this journey. There must be many ways to learn but I would suggest you to follow some steps to know what and how you want to do!

Step 1: Find out what business you want to start
If you already know that's great and if you don't then don't worry you can analyze resources you have and what you are good at. Google is your best friend, ask some questions about which business to start its pros and cons, What is market demand and all. You can also find some good answers in some blog sites like quora

Step 2: Learn about the field you are starting with
There are lot many free courses online which provide you with some good knowledge and how to pursue it. One of the best resources I have come across is This is a link to Startup India initiative by government of India and it will give you a good start to begin with.

Step : Execute
Start small and try to replicate these models into your real life.

Have a happy learning good luck!