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How do I start a career in psychology after 10th grade??

I like helping people. I love how the human brain works. I wanna learn more about it and make a career for myself with my intrests. #india

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5 answers

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Laura’s Answer

I am not sure if you are still in 10th grade. I currently live in the U.S and for my understanding is that 10th grade is considered high school level. Overall I think that if you are interested in psychology, I think there many options on how you can work with students with disabilities in all school level. For example, being a counselor with a specific focus or emphasis study can allow you to work with students that learn at a different pace than others. I think that will allow you to learn more about how the brain works for disability students that learn but at a different pace than others.
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KIRAN’s Answer

Hey Mariya,

Hope you are doing well in this time of pandemic.

Answering to your question, to became a psychologist, after 10th you have to take humanities stream choose Psychology as major subject. Then in college, choose B.A. (Hons.) Psychology as a major course and select courses as per your interest.
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sumabhskr’s Answer

Hi Mariya,

In addition to all the academic requirements, you can also work on the following skills to be a good psychologist.

-Good communication skills
-Good listening skills
-Learning to frame unbiased opinions
-Not being judgmental
-Problem-solving skills
-Observing and analyzing human behavior at different situations

with this, you will be a great psychologist.

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Harsh’s Answer

Hi Mariya,

It's good to see that you know that you like helping people. Also good to see that you have identified Psychology as field for your career based on your career. This field seems apt based on the interest you have mentioned.

Given that you are from India, I am answering this question from prospective one wanting to study Psychology in India after 10th.

Psychology is for students with interests in Human brain, human psychology, helping others. Psychologists study human behavior, it is helpful in all fields - be it hiring right people, teaching, resolving conflicts, making decisions and helping with mental problems. They guide in time of problems like brain stress or mental health problems. They also guide when one is confused about their own choices such as career or marriage or relations etc.

Usually Post graduation is recommended for good career in this field.

After 10th one can take any stream Arts / Commerce / Science in 11th. Post 10+2, you can do B.A Psychology or B.Sc. Psychology. There are more opportunities if you have background in science & maths but science & maths are not compulsory.

Key subjects related to this field
* Psychology
* Biology
* Statistics
* Communication skills

Following are the career options. You can finalize one of the field post graduation OR in graduation (honors) & do specialization course / post graduation in that.
* Educational psychologist
* Clinical psychologist
* Occupational psychologist
* Forensic psychologist
* Counselling psychologist
* Sports psychologist
* Research

Courses / Degrees options:
1. Offered as parts of Graduation degree in both Arts & Science
2. 1-2 year specialization courses are also available (in clinical or guidance etc.), usually done post graduation
3. A postgraduate diploma in guidance and counselling is offered by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training)
4. Clinical psychology courses are also offered to MBBS students by medical colleges
5. The IGNOU offers a certificate course in guidance (CIG). The duration of the course is 6 months to 2 years.

PS: we have free forum similar to careervilalge for India specific career questions. We will soon post newsletter on Psychology. feel free to post your questions here as well:
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Emely’s Answer

Hey Mariya,

It is important to be passionate about your future career and you are already ahead of the game.
You can start by volunteering in a place that gives you insight and knowledge on psychology. For example, if you're interested in counseling you can volunteer for a youth program as a mentor or after high school apply to to give advice (it's good on resume and also knowledgeable). I'm not familiar with your area but you can also start building connection making web page like
I wanted to be a teacher after high school and of course I had to build my career. My first job I worked in a daycare, eventually working my way up. Once I obtained my first degree I became a preschool teacher. I continue my studies and am working on becoming a school counselor/ Teacher. I'm working on both degrees because I couldn't decide.

Some links of places to volunteer:
( Once you graduate and create your linkedin account they share secure places to volunteer)

good luck,

Emely recommends the following next steps:

Find youth volunteering programs
learn and grow :)