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Career Questions tagged Data Analytics Data Visualization

Aun’s Avatar
Aun 5 hours ago 5 views

Should I focus on Embedded Systems or Data science/analytics?

I'm studying computer engineering in my 2nd year, and in the summer I'll be applying for a co-op. I've done my research and it appears that embedded systems has a steeper learning curve and barrier to entry than let's say data analytics. Both are not easy, but getting an internship as a data...

Hanipa’s Avatar
Hanipa Jul 07 183 views

Which ai or quantum computing good for developing country?

How can quantum computing help a developing country like Ethiopia. Is it better to focus on ai or quantum computing for developing country. If you choose one what can be done by it? Help the country

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Jun 27 108 views

How can I start a career in the blockchain sector after studying finance?

I love finance and the investment sector. Also, I love technology like artificial intelligence and blockchain, so I would like to work in finance-related work that is also related to artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Ying Lin’s Avatar
Ying Lin Jun 17 177 views

What should I work on this summer if I want to be a data analyst?

If I want to become a data analyst, are there any skills I should work on, technical skills I should learn, and/or books I should read to learn more about this field?

Hasnain’s Avatar
Hasnain Jan 08 319 views

Trying to change careers?

I have a degree in Computer Systems engineering and job history in the digital services field mostly in UI UX design (minor focused front-end dev) and minor experience as an embedded programming using Python and C/C++. I am really trying to shift gears in to data engineer and analytics, but...

Gourav’s Avatar
Gourav Sep 03, 2022 565 views

What exactly do data scientists and data analysts do?

I'm trying to explore these fields and looking for universities in the US that offer these programs

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jul 26, 2022 464 views

Is a Google data analytics certificate in college worth it?

I am an upcoming senior majoring with a B.A in public health and needing some advice / opinions on possibly pursuing a Google certificate over the summer. My original plan was to obtain an internship/ volunteer opportunity to build some experience, but I have not at all. Career wise I have been...