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Career Questions tagged Data Analysis

Destinee’s Avatar
Destinee Sep 01 139 views

Trying to change careers

I have a degree in Neuroscience and a job history in the medical field (mostly administrative). I am really trying to shift gears into data analytics, but even entry-level positions require some experience. I have taken courses to build technical skills however most employers don't understand...

Will’s Avatar
Will May 12 195 views

What is the day to day like?

Hello I am studying to be a business intelligence analysis.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 23, 2020 424 views

what are some approaches you can take to find a decent job in the midst of this unprecedented event?

I am currently looking for a data analyst and data scientist internship position for this upcoming summer 2020, possibly in the West LA area. I wanted to know how I can improve my chances of getting an internship/job

#COVID-19 #internship #data-analysis #data-science

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Mar 26, 2018 877 views

What is the difference between data science and machine learning?

I've been looking into data science careers, and I know that it is closely related with machine learning and big data. I'm confused as to what the difference between data science and machine learning is, and also how big data plays in a part in both fields. What exactly is data science and...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Mar 26, 2018 990 views

What are the best data science courses/nanodegrees I can take online?

I'm currently a third year computer science major, and I've recently discovered a passion for data science and machine learning. I've been trying to learn more about it, and I've found many online resources (Udacity's data analyst, machine learning nano degrees, Stanford's Intro to Machine...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Jan 23, 2018 915 views

How do I get started in the field of data science/big data/machine learning?

I'm a third year computer science major, and I've been trying to learn more about data science/big data/machine learning. There aren't any classes offered at the college that I'm attending that cover these topics, and I'm a little lost as to how I would get started in any of these fields. What...

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Dec 27, 2017 957 views

What software do market analysts use?

Hi everyone, I want to invest my winter break into learning a new skill. What softwares do market research analysts use? I know they would use some VBAs and will vary depending on the firm and market they are in, but what would you recommend me to learn over the next three weeks? What online...

Nazy’s Avatar
Nazy Oct 27, 2017 815 views

MBA vs IE vs data analyst

I am currently a graduate MSc student in Chemical engineering. I have relatively low interest in Chem. Eng. (living is US). I am thinking about changing fields. My current options are MBA, Industrial engineering and Statistics. I have a wide range of interests, very adaptive, good at math,...

Mihai’s Avatar
Mihai Feb 25, 2017 1623 views

What are some skills needed to get into Data Science or Statistical Analysis

There is not substantial information out there for free on what it takes to start studying Statistical Analysis. Looking for what books to read that give a thorough understanding of the basics or a outline of the whole process. #finance #programming #data-science #data-analysis #data-mining...

Radhika’s Avatar
Radhika Oct 28, 2016 2448 views

Is data analytics a hard field? If so, can you explain what it is as well as how it will evolve in the future?

I am hoping to major in Computer Science and some people have been telling me to look into data analytics. However I can't find that much information about it and don't quite understand the implications of it. I would also like to know my job outlook ( I will graduate from college in about 5...

Mathew’s Avatar
Mathew Sep 15, 2016 1147 views

How to start preparing towards a career in data science ?

I'm looking forward to starting a career in data science and I'm doing my master's right now. So, any information regarding this will be helpful for me. #data-science #databases #python #data-analysis #big-data #hadoop

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Aug 22, 2016 790 views

What do you do as a statistics person?

I love numbers and looking at different professional athletes statistics throughout the season and their careers. I prefer looking and analyzing the stats of hockey, baseball, and quarterbacks. #recruiting #statistics #data-analysis

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Aug 22, 2016 643 views

If you are interested in going into the sports entertainment field and you are a sports fanatic what career path should you follow?

Ever since I was a little kid I enjoyed watching sports, such as football, hockey, and baseball. I would watch games on tv and end up analyzing the play before the announcer would. #sports #sports-management #recruiting #statistics #data-analysis #staffing

Rathaya’s Avatar
Rathaya Feb 15, 2016 951 views

What subjects do i need to apply for journalism in college

I am unsure about the subjects I have to take to do journalism and I would like to know what can I do to be outstanding from other student applications. #journalism #online-journalism #data-analysis #investigative-reporting #long-form-journalism

Flora’s Avatar
Flora Mar 24, 2014 1407 views

What do data scientists do?

What kind of companies do data scientists work for? How can I become one?

#data-science #data-analysis #big-data