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Career Questions tagged Investigation

g’s Avatar
g Dec 15, 2022 346 views

What is the typical day in the life of an investigative journalist?

I am a sophomore in high school; I want to become an investigative journalist. I am currently interning at a non-profit where I report on topics such as poverty, poverty alleviation and other worldly issues, but I really want to get a feel for "digging" up stories that could possibly make a...

Shayleigh’s Avatar
Shayleigh Jun 27, 2018 632 views

I want to be a police officer/ investigator when I get older what kind of science classes can I take to achieve my goal?

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Cayman’s Avatar
Cayman Jul 23, 2016 2262 views

I want to work in the BAU but i have a lot of questions

I want to work in the BAU as a "profiler" I want to work on making profiles for unidentified/identified suspect. I want to work in the field and see the crime scenes and help catch the criminals. I want to work on serial murder cases, rape cases, abduction cases, typically any violent crime...

Brenetta’s Avatar
Brenetta May 18, 2016 992 views

Is there a way for me to know if crime scene investigation is a job I would like without having to go through years of college and training before realizing I don'tactually enjoy the job?

I've been wanting to be a crime scene investigator since middle school but I hear people talk about going to college for many years because they keep changing their majors. The most common reason why is because they said once they got into the actual courses for their major or career fields,...

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Oct 08, 2012 1722 views

Does it ever get scary when working with crimes?

Crimes scare me. However, i find it interesting. I want to know if fear is ever a problem when working with crimes. #criminal #crime #investigation

Sdanielle’s Avatar
Sdanielle May 23, 2012 2288 views

What are the different careers that a crime investigator would have?

Hello , My name is Danielle and I go to a school in central Harlem called Democracy Prep Charter School. I LOVE crime investigation shows , and that has made me really interested in criminal investigation and/or crime in general. I love crime and the deep thinking of solving a case, but I don't...