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Career Questions tagged Machinelearning

Ossama O.’s Avatar
Ossama O. Aug 05 53 views

Remote data internships ?

how can I find remote internships for machine learning/ data engineering roles? knowing that :
I live in Morocco.
I pursue a data engineering degree

Jane S.’s Avatar
Jane S. May 16, 2020 523 views

I'm really interested in understanding human behavior and solving problems, but I don't have extensive tech experience. Could a career in AI be right for me?

Hi! I'm a high school student trying to figure out possible career paths I would be suited for. I've always been interested in language, neuropsychology; finding a way to integrate that with upcoming tech sounds fascinating. #technology #ai #artificialintelligence #behavior #computerscience...

Jane S.’s Avatar
Jane S. May 16, 2020 425 views

How do I know if a career in artificial intelligence is right for me?

#career-choice #career-counseling #ai #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #technology #tech

Syeda A.’s Avatar
Syeda A. Jan 28, 2020 345 views

What is my duty?

I am Student of BSCS from University of Narowal, Pakistan
I want to be a data scientist

Aleck W.’s Avatar
Aleck W. Sep 27, 2019 390 views

How to gain more data science knowledge quickly

I'm in high school and I've been going on kaggle and doing lots of learning on kaggle learn, coursera, etc. I've learned about models and fitting and datasets and cross validation and all the beginner machine learning stuff. Now I'm onto ensembles and beyond. I need advice to quickly gain a lot...

Blake M.’s Avatar
Blake M. May 09, 2019 431 views

What is the Future of AI looking like to you in business?

Where do you see the future of AI/Machine learning development progressing? There is a lot of talk at conventions focused around AI about the ethics behind it. I think some people are too heavily influenced by movies(Skynet for example) to be able to see the future of AI. How will it affect...

pranav kumar P.’s Avatar
pranav kumar P. Mar 25, 2019 408 views

how to get into product based companies in fields of ML ?

I am studying in a private engineering college in my native as im not good with hostles after my 12th even after getting decent score(91%). only service based mass companies like TCS, wipro, cognizant,etc will visit this college for placements . I am very interested in AI and deep learning ,...

Elizabeth W.’s Avatar
Elizabeth W. Feb 28, 2019 503 views

I just finished a Physics Bachelor at ETH Zürich and I am starting a professional dance program at Steps on Broadway NY. I spent the last 2 months as an intern in a Data Science company. I also studied Architecture for one year and I love painting. I would love to do something useful for our society and feel attracted to the join between Physics and Medicine, as well as Environmental Science and renewable energies. As you see, I am interested in many subjects and struggling with todays super specialised careers. I have a technic profile, but I am a social person and I cannot picture myself as a lonely experimental physicist or a programmer... Any ideas on how to combine all my passions?

UPC Barcelona Architecture (1 year) ETH Zürich Physics Bachelor CERN Semester project Particle Physics Data Science (Machine Learning) Steps on Broadway NY International Independent Study Program #college #art #architecture #technology #physics #datascience #artificialintelligence...

Mariama D.’s Avatar
Mariama D. Feb 27, 2019 512 views

I'm interested on NLP but I don't know exactly where to start in order to build a career on it.

#machinelearning #deeplearning

Dang Tuan Hoang A.’s Avatar
Dang Tuan Hoang A. Feb 27, 2019 330 views

Some courses on Statistic, Linear Algebra and Calculus for Machine Learning

Where can I find quality course on the three subjects? I need some recommendations on some MOOC which help me start on Machine Learning (Preferably free, since I'm a student). I did learn those subjects in the university, most of the time, we learned about concepts and calculations, not about...

Ayas O.’s Avatar
Ayas O. Feb 27, 2019 444 views

As a french student how can I get a data science summer internship in USA ?

I am enrolled in a first year of Master in Business Intelligence in Polytechnic School of Nantes and I am currently looking for an internship abroad . I want to do this internship in a english country and If it could be in USA would be better. Do you have advice please ? thanks #internship...

Rashmi R.’s Avatar
Rashmi R. Feb 27, 2019 662 views

How do I change my career from Software Engineer to Data Scientist?

#software #engineer #technology #computer-software #engineering #dataScience #machineLearning #it #ai