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Career Questions tagged Job Interview

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 16, 2020 397 views

What is an appropriate but subtle way to indicate my non-binary identity on a resume?

I've decided on adding my pronouns (they/them) to the header, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas! lgbtq nonbinary gender resume student job-interview...


Yomaris E.’s Avatar
Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 1597 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve. interview-preparation job-interview interview interviews interviewing job-interview...


Ajha D.’s Avatar
Ajha D. Apr 16, 2018 429 views

What would make you stand out in an interveiw ? (not including your attire)

I have been learning about how to dress and come prepared for an interview. Such as looking up how the company works, wear attire according to their business, and come prepared for questions that might throw you off or make you think. I want to know besides all that what would really make you...

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Mohammad A.’s Avatar
Mohammad A. Mar 07, 2017 1444 views

How do you handle behavioral interview questions when not prepared?

Say you are in a job interview and you get asked a behavioral interview question such as "cite a situation when you had to adapt to changes beyond your control" or the like and you had no particular story present even though you might have had that exact situation happen to you. How would you...

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Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Jan 20, 2017 818 views

Any tips for an interview as an office assistant?

Hi! I have an interview for an office assistant with the Computer Science department at my school. I was wondering if there was anything in particular I could do to help myself stand out from any competition? Even just general interview tips would help me right now.. Job Description: Help with...

interview-preparation interviewing interviews interview-questions interviewing-skills career-counseling job-interview

Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Oct 15, 2016 958 views

What must an elevator pitch consist of?

Interviews are coming up soon and every one of my professor emphasized on the question: Tell me a little about yourself. This is where the elevator pitch comes in, but I cannot decide what information is significant enough to be included and what is not. What tips do you have for the elevator...

interview-preparation interviews employee-relations job-coaching job-interview

Anudari A.’s Avatar
Anudari A. May 12, 2016 621 views

What are the top 3 mistakes applicants make?

As a student I've send out many applications, whether it was for an internship, job or for enrolling into a school. There have been more times where I got rejected than being accepted. It always made me wonder, 'did the other applicants have better grades or awards?' or 'did I just not fit...

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Courtney B.’s Avatar
Courtney B. May 10, 2016 1793 views

Do companies care about extracurricular activities job candidates participated in in college?

I was just wondering how important college extracurricular activities are when companies are hiring. Some students only have time to participate in one or two activities, if even that many, but some participate in multiple activities. college resume hiring extracurriculars job-interview...


Lera K.’s Avatar
Lera K. May 08, 2016 1029 views

Pratical tips for job interviews?

What can I do in order to demonstrate that I am a good choice for a position that I am interested in? job-search-strategies...