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Do companies care about extracurricular activities job candidates participated in in college?


I was just wondering how important college extracurricular activities are when companies are hiring. Some students only have time to participate in one or two activities, if even that many, but some participate in multiple activities. #college #resume #hiring #extracurriculars #job-interview #student-activities

6 answers

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Washington

Hi Courtney,

I think the important thing is showing that you are doing something constructive with your time. It shows you can multitask and prioritize responsibilities. I don't think the types of activities are important, and if you don't have time for clubs because you need to have a job, or you are taking extra classes, or whatever it may be, I think the main thing is to point out how you were using your time and the skills that you gained from that. When I am interviewing or looking at candidates I like to see that they were able to handle their classes along with some other responsibilities and still keep their grades up.

Hope that helps!

Margaret’s Answer

Updated Irvine, California

Unless the activity is specific to your major or career field, it doesn't really matter.

However, I was in a sorority and it definitely helped me during my job search. Recruiters that were in the same sorority or even a different one would contact me before other candidates because of that connection.

Jordan’s Answer

I am a hiring manager for a sales team, and I absolutely care about extracurricular activities that my candidates participated in college. It helps me get an understanding of who they are and what they are passionate about. It also helps me to understand how they prioritize their day/schedule (ie. how are they able to contribute to all of these activities in a meaningful way).

Alexandra’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Courtney,

Although extracurricular activities may not be the leading factor in hiring decisions, the fact that you participated in those can help show that you are hard-working and dedicated, especially if you devoted substantial time to an activity or participated in a team sport or project where you had to collaborate with various people and develop team building skills. Also, sometimes interviewers may ask you what you do as a hobby just so they get to learn a bit about you as a person. The key here is to talk about your activities energetically and positively and to demonstrate that you are someone who works hard and works well with others.

Good luck!

Nolan’s Answer

Updated Irvine, California

Everything else equal, extra-curricular activities could tilt the scale to your favor. However, I wouldn't prioritize this over normal workload needed to get the degree.

Borislav’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hello Courtney

In my personal experience the topic of 'college extracurricular activities' has never come up at any point in the interviewing or hiring process. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!