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What do I wear for an interview?

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I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve.

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13 answers

Austin’s Answer


Hi Yomaris,

Good question. Showing up for an interview can be stressful, and having to pick the right outfit is even more stressful. Despite the stress, I have learned a few things about how to properly dress for an interview from having interviewed for jobs at least 10 times.

For guys, suit and tie is the standard. It really depends on the job that you are applying for, but having a well fitted suit, nice tie, wrinkle free shirt, and shiny shoes is the standard that all guys should operate by when showing up to an interview. If you aren't working in an office or you are interviewing for a job that requires physical labor (i.e. farmer, fireman, forklift driver etc) then a suit/tie combination might me a little bit overkill. Guys, always remember to do your hair, shave, and brush your teeth; these little things make a huge difference when you are meeting your employer for the first time.

For girls (pardon my lack of familiarity as I am a man), a suit, nice dress, blouse+nice pants, and nice foot wear (think heels, nice flats, or wedges) are the standard. Every place has its own culture so you are going to have to judge for yourself what is the most appropriate to wear. Similar to the guys, little things go a long way so you likely do not want to show up with really messy hair. It is always better to play it safe and overdress than show up really under-dressed in tattered jeans and a T-shirt.

It's hard to say that you should "100% of the time wear X" as every employer has a different working culture and expectations. You will likely have to do some research and judge for yourself what is the proper attire to wear.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!



Mark’s Answer


What you should wear to an interview varies quite a bit depending on your potential employer. It always good to ask the person / recruiter who contacted you to share the dress code for the environment. Some work places are more casual attire and others can be more polished requiring a suit and tie for example. I would focus on overall neatness, personal grooming, along with dressing for comfort are important regardless of what you're wearing. Don't assume what you should wear, take that extra step to find out and set yourself up for success ( first impressions make an impact ).

Catherine’s Answer


Hello, Reminder, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Recommend the following for Interview dress

•No sleeveless shirts - in my experience short sleeve is permissible but really base that on the weather, temperature; comfortable shoes may have to walk around workspace, meet other Interviewers in different parts of building

• Have your clothes pressed

• Clothes should be comfortable

• avoid too tight, too short

• If have belt loops, wear a belt

• Jewelry – Minimal

• No perfume or aftershave

• Comb your hair

Catherine recommends the following next steps:

  • Purchase or have set aside a standard interview outfit and shoes that you can use specifically for when you have interview; you will be ready for any time that you are called to go for an interview

Victoria’s Answer


It really depends on what job you're interviewing for and the company's culture and policies.

Ensure you're dressed according to the company's policies but dress comfortably so you can feel like yourself!

Carole’s Answer


Austin: Although the final selection of a job candidate are often eliminated because of inappropriate clothing. The facts are that the first impression of someone stays longer than the last impression. You make a statement when you walk through that door and it should be appropriate. Here are some of the inappropriate items that should not be worn:, forget jeans, and beach wear, or over dressing also can be inappropriate, along with too much make-up (for women) or too much jewelry, and for men (tattoos are sometimes not the best so maybe you should  wear  long sleeve shirt. A good rule to follow for dressing for an interview is dress for a position just above the one you are applying for. Keep in more on the conservative side unless you are applying for some type of fine arts job such as actor, designer, or others in the fine arts area. Men should wear conservative two piece suit, plain color shirt, and a nice silk tie with either plain or small stripe or dots, Wing tip or great for shoes.  This is a basic corporate  wardrobe, This shows that you are taking this interview seriously. Women  should choose a professional looking dress or suit with low heeled shoes makes. This makes the best impression. This is also the corporate look  maybe for baking or law  etc. For lesser jobs not being corporate you might want to wear a pant suit with or without  jacket (not as corporate). However, some hiring managers in creative industries like advertising or  publishing, look for a more informal attire but stylish look that is a reflection of your individuality. Use your best judgment and wear whatever is professional and comfortable  for you. With that said, personal grooming is even more important than finding the perfect outfit. Be sure that your clothes are ironed, clean, fit well and hair is neat and washed in a business manner. Both men and women should not have perfume or cologne that can be smelled by others, my secret is that body lotion can be better absorbed so that the smell does not affect others in a bad way. They could be allergic to some odors that you are wearing.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • If you are dressed appropriately, others will perceive your attitude and confidence and you will most likely do very well on the interview. To help you further try and relax with a few breathing techniques, giving yourself more time to get there, and being prepared for the questions that you will answer and ask. I wish you the best in you interview and if you follow these ideas I know you will do great. Pick up an interviewing book to help you practice your questions. "The 250 job interview Question" is a good book by Peter Veruki.

Daisy’s Answer


Dressing for success is vital. However, you should also feel comfortable in the clothes you wear to an interview. A pair of slacks (can never go wrong with black) and a blouse/button down shirt (avoiding anything too bright or flashy) is okay, but you also want to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. There was a time I attended an interview in a lovely blouse, but it felt a bit tight by my neck. I was uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on the conversation during the interview. The lesson I learned is to dress professionally but also feel comfortable.

Luis’s Answer


Hi Yomaris,

For me it depends completely in the type of job and also on the company where you applying for. I always investigate the company before the interview to understand if, as a men I have to wear with suit and tie or if jeans, a formal shirt and a suit is enought.

I case of woman, black pants and a formarl shirt always work. For me a dress is too much.

Hope my answer can be usefull for you.


Luis | Cisco TAC

Sophie’s Answer


You should try to go for something classic, and professionnal.

tatiana’s Answer


<span style="color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87);">In many traditional industries, like finance or account, business professional dress will be appropriate. For example, a conservative suit, shirt and tie if you're a man, or a conservative suit if you're a woman. I always find it helpful to try and match the clothing that the employees of the company wear :)</span>

Ashley’s Answer


You ALWAYS want to dress for success. My dad always told me that even if I was applying for a job at McDonald’s I should dress like I was applying for the CEO of a company.

Alberto’s Answer


It depends of the job title you are pursuing.

If it's your first job I recommend a Business Casual Outfit. Use a cool Shirt and a pair of Chinos.

If you are looking for a serious enterprise (like legal) you have to use a suit.

Thomas’s Answer


I think dressing professionally is always a good idea. If you think a suit is too much, I would wear slack and a button up shirt at the very least. It's more of less depends on what the company is.

Michele’s Answer


What you should wear to an interview varies quite a bit depending on your potential employer and your industry. Focusing on overall neatness (no wrinkles, lints, stains), personal grooming, and dressing for comfort are important regardless of what you're wearing.

While you may feel embarrassed to ask (you shouldn't - it's always best to avoid assumptions), you can ask the person who contacted to you arrange the interview. Some companies even volunteer this information to job candidates in advance of their interview.