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Manuel B. Apr 08, 2014 1006 views

How should you start in the Graphic Design industry

I've found graphic design as something interesting and I wanted to know how to get started. #art #design...


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Laniya W. Jun 18, 2015 1157 views

How do i stay focused on my career?

Hello, my name is Laniya from Pennsylvania. In the past, i never knew What i wanted to be when i grow up. I would always pick something, i would later get bored with it. I currently want to be a dancer, but i'm afraid that i'll change it again. I wanted to know how i can stay focused on...

#performing-arts #dance

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Amanda G. Aug 09, 2015 1903 views

What is the work schedule for a Forensic Scientist like? What's the best part of the job? What's the worst part? What commonly occurs? Do all forensic scientists appear in court at least once in their careers, or are there some that don't ever?

I'm a current college freshman majoring in Biology. I am highly interested in going into the Forensic Science profession; no specific choice of emphasis (DNA analysis, fingerprinting, etc.) I was considering changing my major to forensic science to get a more in depth education. However,...

#forensic-science #forensics #forensic-scientists #forensic-analysis

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Mia G. Dec 10, 2015 1010 views

What is the best way to become a pharmacy technician? (courses and programs to take, etc.)

I want to know if there are ant specific programs or courses to take if your trying to become a pharmacy technician. how many years of education do you need. #pharmacy #pharmacist #technician...


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gunashree M. May 02, 2016 686 views

Should children be educated in school or not????

Children get irritated at school. Even for boring classes, they can get their education at home. My question is that if they read at home and get the same education as they did in the school, what's the difference?????????? #teaching #teacher #high-school-classes...


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gunashree M. May 04, 2016 459 views

how can we reduce the traffic?

because some people have suffering from traffic they can not attained the class regularly and some officer may get late to enter the office so what can be be did?...


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Lera K. May 04, 2016 847 views

Tips for writing a good resume?

Just looking for advice on this topic, list of do's and don'ts etc. #job-search...


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Tia M. May 11, 2016 3486 views

Is Pharmacy a competitive job market? How competitive?

I plan on pursuing a career in Pharmacy and just want to know if the pharmaceutical field is competitive and to what degree. It is not that I think it may be too rigorous for me; I know I am capable. If anything, more rigor will only make me more humble and determined to succeed. My questions...

#pharmacists #pharmacy-technicians #clinical-pharmacy #pharmacy

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oliver T. Jan 10, 2018 259 views

what is some advice on earning a stable salary as a musician?

I know that I will be a musician when I grow up but I might end up homeless also due to having no money. #music #salary #pay...


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Tamikia J. Jan 16, 2018 350 views

How do you start a business with no moral support?

I need help finding the support and information to successfully start a small business....


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Taylor H. May 21, 2018 294 views

What is a good way to improve your skills in art?

I would like to know any tips on how to improve faster specifically with coloring pieces. #arts...


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Madelyn B. Aug 03, 2018 187 views

How do I become a good CNA?

nursing school #nursing-schools #secondary-education early...

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joseph V. Aug 24, 2018 172 views

Scholarships for undocumented students?

without DACA...