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Kemi Jul 14, 2017 3654 views

What kind of classes should I have completed to apply for CS internships?

Also, I want to know the skills that I should have by the time I apply for my first internship.
#computer-science #personal-development

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Kemi May 19, 2017 1200 views

Is a business degree necessary if you want to start your own business?

My friend is on the business major track but she wonders if the degree is necessary to start her own business in the future. #business #career-details #personal-development

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Kemi May 19, 2017 1311 views

What are some useful classes to take in college?

I want to take some classes that would also be helpful for me in the future. #college

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Kemi May 19, 2017 32701 views

What is a good GPA for computer science?

I just finished my first semester of computer science and have average grades so far. Was wondering what is typically considered a good gpa for cs. #computer-science

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Kemi Mar 22, 2017 962 views

Should I go to grad school for computer science if I'm not interested in doing research?

Someone told me that grad school is mainly for research so now I am thinking whether grad school is necessary for me since I'm not planning to do research. #computer-science #graduate-school

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Kemi Feb 19, 2017 1390 views

Any advice for undecided majors?

My friend switched from a math major to undecided and not sure what she wants to do now. Any words of advice to what she can do to decide on a major? #college-major #undecided

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Kemi Feb 04, 2017 810 views

How much can students make while working full time?

Just wondering if students are able to make some good money while being in school at the same time. #college #jobs

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Kemi Feb 04, 2017 5949 views

How long are interviews usually?

I was scheduled for a 45 minute interview and was wondering if interviews are usually that long. Some of the interviews I had before were around 15 minutes. #jobs #interviews

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Kemi Jan 29, 2017 11425 views

What is an oral communication class like?

I will be taking an oral communication class in the near future and wanted to see the class would be like. Also, would it be ok to take it together with an English class? Someone told me to take oral communication in a different semester for English. #college

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Kemi Jan 25, 2017 1106 views

How many credits do college students usually take per semester?

My high school friends are wondering what is usually consider a normal workload in a normal semester of college in general. #college

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Kemi Jan 21, 2017 1067 views

How can I become recognized by a professor?

I want to go to graduate school and I know that schools require letters of recommendations from faculty members. I would like my future professors to be the ones to write the letters but how can I stand out to them? #college

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Kemi Jan 18, 2017 772 views

Are there any internships for people with no experience?

My friend and I are looking at some potential summer internships and most of them require some degree of experience in a field. So, are there any internships available geared towards people with very minimal to no experience? #internships

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Kemi Jan 18, 2017 1286 views

How can I write a good cover letter?

I recently looked at some jobs that required a cover letter. What is the purpose of a cover letter and how can I write a good one? #career

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Kemi Jan 18, 2017 836 views

What are some ways to get connections?

Interested in knowing how I can meet more people in the same field #career

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Kemi Jan 16, 2017 889 views

What would examples of good references to put in a job application?

I have never been employed and was wondering what would be good examples of references in my case? #jobs #job-search #first-job