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What is the best way to get started in real estate

I am interested in this topic because I wanna become a computer software engineer

I am in grade 11

I am going to begin working towards my real estate license soon


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2 answers

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Tyrai’s Answer

research and determine which direction you want to...
are you looking to rehab property and sell
are you looking to purchase move in ready proptery
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Vineeth’s Answer

If you think becoming a real estate agent seems like a good idea. Realtors enjoy flexible hours, the opportunity to be self-employed, a network of interesting people, and of course, the money
In day-to-day practice, there are three functions that real estate agents perform: representing buyers, representing sellers, and building their business. And it’s easy to get started, no matter what you are doing now.

1. Get licensed in your state
2. Choose a brokerage
3. Join the National Association of Realtors
4. Find a path to get training
5. Create a business plan
6. Build your business using your contacts
7. Develop your professional image
8. Be ready to meet your first client

Remember to establish your credibility in every conversation. Demonstrate your reliability by responding in a timely fashion. Once you get your first client, you are on your way to a career that can bring you joy and success for many years